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  1. Thanks for the response Mark. My primary concern is that I want to repay my debts, but how can we trust that any money sent to them will be allocated to the balance? I've outlined this and other concerns to the OFT in my email and will update the thread on any response I receive. I truly believe that there needs to be a focus on following through with complaints to encourage action - I'm worried most people are not doing this and are focussing too much on trying to reach an arrangement directly with MMF. Does anyone have experience of MMF's approach when their debt is include
  2. Dear All I've been reading the various forums regarding this company from afar for the last few days. I have two payday loans which have been passed to MMF on 13 February and so have a personal interest. To give some background, I worked for a debt management company for ten years and so have relatively strong knowledge of the tactics employed by DCAs. This company seems to have stooped to new levels in terms of blatant disregard for acceptable debt collection practises. This morning I emailed the OFT summarising the complaints highlighted in this forum in the various threads. I hav
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