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  1. Cheers Andy i think that makes sense with regards to claim il take it as no news is good news as they sent nothing they did not originally send.
  2. Il take it that atm they don't because they have sent me nothing they had not already. Interestingly or not looked on mcol and theres nothing now says something like claim unsubmitted. I could view it before
  3. Update Mortimer Clark have written 2 letters one saying they do not agree with my defence and sent paperwork saying they have agreement ect, but no default or termination notice and whatever else i wanted. Not sure if clutching at straws The next letter is a reduced settlement of about 1/3, with reference to court. Its still higher than the original alleged debt though good sign??
  4. sound advice i think, makes sense you see that much different sometimes its hard to know which route to follow and sometimes there is more than 1 way to skin a cat, just suppose there is always the chance it may get lifted thanks for the replies as always much appreciated
  5. I take your point i thought as they have not provided certain docs they would not be able to fight the case and they would just call it a day rather than waste money.
  6. I believe you pay for it and its along the lines of UNLESS you provide what i want within xx days the claim is struck out
  7. sorry about the last post dont think my browser had refreshed properly I thought an unless order could be used as a way of this never being dug out again
  8. ty shall i go with an unless order then or leave it?
  9. Thanks Andy so just leave it then ?? or unless order
  10. well after waiting and waiting and waiting nothing, got letter of court saying they had 28 days r it would be stayed, well past it now looked online it doesnt seem to be stayed yet shall i go with an unless order or leave it? ty
  11. Its been abut 5 months tbh and i dont know what a civil court could do as its not even in her name so who would BH take to court??? Dear person we are taking you to court because we believe you may have a suite in your home that was signed for ages ago by somebody else who didnt pay for it. yeah sounds very unplausible Posts sound BH linked tbh advising people to give up or face the consequences or they will be sorry :behindsofa::behindsofa:
  12. cheers Andy will keep you posted, If you can think of anything to add in the meantime drop me a line as its going in later tonight Cheers
  13. I will have to pop that defence in today, they have not complied with my 31.14 so i am wondering what will happen now? I am assuming they will pull everything they have out eventually, then ask the case to resume in a further 28 days. Can i ask for it to be struck out if they dont respond in 28 days, unlikely i know but i assume they are just waiting for judgement by default before they submit
  14. Thanks m8y for all the help anyway, i may continue i have no default but the defence is just what i showed you yesterday. Not arguing the fact i have had loans i had a few but not sure on this im not even sure if they are mixed up and also my loan is £11995.39 Odd isnt it? and i was paid ppi or misselling nt sure if this loan was £10000 plus what they added is actually the PPI I have Sar'd OC just waiting anyway, do i need to ask claimant for extension? i have written thrice no reply shall i phone or just submit it ?
  15. Dates wrong its from the future after it was signed and i didn't get any anyway
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