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  1. I live in the same area, so I can't claim that.. I'll try with the letter, hopefully it will be the way out of this Thanks:-)
  2. Tank you slick132 for your reply. I told them actually that I had an accident and they said to give the proof from the GP (my mom got me the proof from the gp, but it is not from uk, she is going to translate it an legalize it and send it to me) and I can get away with this much cheaper, rather than to pay £500, but still... it's dodgy.. shall I do that or shall I risk and wait to see if they will take court action? can they find out my new address? I do not own nothing like a car or house, unless the bank will provide them my new address
  3. Hello, I'm a student living in London and I've joined LA Fitness on 06/03/13 and I have the contract for 18 months, which means the total contract value is £799.00, with an monthly fee of £47 The thing is, that I did not used the gym that much, in fact I've been there less than 10 times I phoned them on October 2013 (as far as I remember) that I want to cancel it...and I found out that I couldn't and I had to pay for the rest of the contract or I could freeze it. I walked into the LA Fitness Branch in golders green to ask the staff about my membership case and unfortunately
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