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  1. Thank you very much everybody. I will take everything you say into consideration.
  2. Should I send the one liner, what information should I put in the letter? Should I include my case number full name and address and lay it out as a proper letter?
  3. So if I was to send the one liner and RLP still passed on my info to the DCA, and I said to the DCA something along the lines of Dear Sirs Your client is well aware of my position in this matter, which is that any liability to them or any company they claim to represent is denied. Further, your client is not seeking to recover a legitimate debt, but an amount of money demanded by way of a speculative invoice. No further correspondence will be entered into. Yours etc. Then would they not persist? Because from what I've read DCAs completely ignore anything people say and carry on what they do. I am extremely worried about being harassed, so i apologise if i seem anxious. Thank you
  4. So should RLP still pass on my information to the DCA, the DCA wouldn't be persistent? I've been reading about scotcall on places like this http://www.net-consumers.org/scotcall-reviews/ and it is very worrying, with the phone calls and such Would they do the same with me or would they not try as hard because they know there is no debt? I am not yet sure if I want to send the one liner.
  5. Hi everybody. I got a letter stating that they will pass on my information to the dca if i dont pay them a few weeks from now. If i send them a letter saying "Any liability to either you or any company that you represent is denied", will they not pass on my information to the DCA?
  6. Thank you all. I'll be very sharp and tell them to leave should any DCA come. Just a question, if i filmed them, would they claim that i've taken pictures of their face without their permission and DPA blah blah blah and try and get me into trouble? Also the letter says debts AND damage costs, so wouldn't what they want count as a damage cost? or is there no legal backbone to that too?
  7. Thank you very much dx, very grateful. I will keep this thread updated
  8. Also, if I am being harassed and the DCA doesn't leave my house and I call the police and fill them in, would I get in trouble for the fact that I have attempted to shoplift?
  9. Thank you dx, i understand that, but it seems like they do think they have legal powers. I will not consider paying anything to them, but I don't want to be harassed. Would telling them to leave my property only cause them to return on another day?
  10. Thank you everyone. CitizenB, if I do that, will the rep be obliged to leave? also will the rep come back afterwards once they do leave? Would not engaging in conversation be more beneficial than me stating that there is no claim? Thank you.
  11. So scotcall will not visit me at my house, all they will do is send automated letters? I worry that scotcall/rlp will continue to (for some reason) believe that there is a claim and continue to harass me.
  12. Hi CAG. I have received a letter stating all the usual RLP jargon, but now it said that if I don't respond the issue will be "passed to a specialist company which recovers debts and undisputed claims for damages". I am aware that this is a DCA, and I am very worried of what will happen. I understand that scotcall are very irrational so if they get word, I may not be left alone. Can anyone suggest what to do? Would the one liner be appropriate to send now? Could they continue to claim against me if I send it? Thank you.
  13. To anybody who has once had a problem with RLP after shoplifting but now doesn't, what things have they made you go through until they left you alone? Have you not heard back from them? And how bad did it get? Thank you
  14. Thanks, i will consider what i will do carefully.
  15. Thank you both very much for the reply and how quickly you replied. to renegadeimp, no i haven't yet sent it. Can somebody inform me about this one liner What would it imply? And would i be safe from any future bullying if i sent it? should i do IF scotcall comes to my door? And that's a good point, silverfox, DCA's probably already know rlps invoices are bs. So is it advised that i continue ignoring rlp, regardless of what my previous letter said, where it said ignoring it won't make it go away. thank you
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