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  1. Hello again, I have been informed that as I had not provided "more information" the appeals process is complete and that their view is that the Parking Charge has been correctly issued and will not be waived. They then offer payment at "reduced rate" of 60 pounds, or appeal to POPLA. There is a POPLA ref. no. at the top of the letter. I had followed your previous advise , with wording as above. What do I do next, please?
  2. Ok, thank you I have replied as advised.
  3. Hello hope you can advise me as to what to do now, I have received a request for payment and now a final reminder. The Final Reminder says that the vehicle was "recorded on private property, as follows: Parked in a permit space without displaying a valid permit. " There is a photo of the car which I have not accessed. I have a couple of days left - should I contest the charge? And on what grounds?
  4. Will trust the advice and wait! Have to admit the impulse is to act straight away but that's probably what they rely upon to for people to blame themselves and hand over the money, relieved to be paying £60 instead of £100. The Eden centre indeed. Big misnomer.
  5. As to who owns the land, I'm not sure. It is the Eden Shopping centre, High Wycombe. I think it's an old car park that has been modernised as it was built for Sainsbury's in the 70's and then changed purpose when shopping centre built. If you look on the website it says they're managed by Savills commercial. Is it better to wait for the notice, than to contest immediately?
  6. Thank you for replying. It was a multi-storey - you collect a ticket at the barrier as you drive in. I then paid the ticket before returning to the car. You cannot get out of the car park without putting the ticket in to lift the barrier. I didn't photograph the sign. It is possible that I could do this but I live 30 odd miles away so is it worth the petrol? Having read some posts, I was wondering whether I should write to the Customer Service department of the shopping centre and say that it is unreasonable. As a visitor to the town I wasn't used to the car park etc et
  7. I would be grateful for some advice on this, as I have been reading around UKPC Parking charges and seem to be getting a mixed message as how to proceed. Yesterday I parked in a multi-storey shopping centre, in what I thought was a free space. I paid the ticket in a machine and returned to find a Parking Charge notice stuck to the windscreen. I realised, having read the notice that I was parked in a permit only space. There was a sign which I had not seen, on the wall behind saying that it was a permit space but with a car full of children, I had not noticed. The penalt
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