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  1. hiya brigadier thought I would pop by just to keep you posted , letter was sent over a week ago, have had not heard from global DR as yet, no calls, no letters, will let you know if and when I do
  2. it also states on the credit check (sorry still readin it) says judgements - no judgements recorded, no bankrupseys or insolvencies or court judgements everything I read says "there is no blah blah blah " ...sorry you will be sending me letters keep hounding you now lol I will leave you be after this until I hear anything
  3. starting to feel a little more calm now thanks to you and your help/advice! wil defo keep you informed!
  4. ahh ok well just got onto noddle the code came through and there is nothing untoward about my credit everything is totally fine on there!
  5. does it take a while to get your activation code to email when joining noddle as haven't received one yet
  6. ok will add that thank you just in process of doing my credit check with noddle!
  7. dx100uk does that mean they cant really touch us then? by their say so this debt is from 1997 which is over 16 years ago! do they have any rights at all to keep bothering me? thanks!
  8. having such a rush to grab advice have made my name on here as not in bebt instead of debt :/
  9. thank you so much for this I have just saved it and will get this sent tomorrow by recorded delivery as you said, will keep you posted once I get a reply! I really appreciate your time tonight brigadier
  10. thank you so much, do I print this up or hand write it, also do I sign the letter at the end or just let them find me via the ref number? sorry to sound dumb, also what do I do if they continue to hound me after receiving this letter?
  11. that's great thank you very much! good to talk to someone who knows their stuff.
  12. sorry brigadier taking my time replying , I need a lot of help and would be very grateful yes, im a family man and im finding this really worrying so yes would love your help thank you
  13. hi there need advice please ... ..received a letter about a week ago from a debt collection company asking me to contact them regarding some information they needed, please note that's all that was mentioned on the letter and did not state what the debt was about, I called this company and was told I had a £4000 debt that was used with the Lloyds tsb back in (almost fell over when they said the year) 1997! I told them I knew nothing what so ever about this and that I had never even had a Lloyds account, to which I was told they did not believe me! I told
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