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  1. Thanks for your kind advice. I wish we had more confidence with these sort of things. Trading standards via CAB say that there not willing to get involved as it will be a claim more than 10k. Not much protection for an 82 year old these days.
  2. Thank you for your advice and sorry for slow replies, its tough having to juggle mum and sort everything out. We had a report from an architect on the state of the build and we have a diary of everything and photos. Sounds like breach of contract is right w`ay to go. it just we are out of our depth with things like this.
  3. Sorry for taking so long to reply. Gas safe came and assessed his removal and not capping off of the gas pipe as immediate danger and will be reported to HSE. Also the venting of the boiler into the extension as potentially dangerous. The cavities are down to 40mm in some places 70mm in others. The wall ties were at best random. The floor will be wooden joists as some of the original floor had sunk. The electrics are original, but now hanging from walls and ceilings. Don't really know who to report the asbestos to or the electrics. The asbestos is an old flue pipe.
  4. Hi, no he's not. he just trades under his name.
  5. Firstly let me say how grateful we are for your replies. The CB is not gas safe registered, the electrics have not been worked on they are just hanging from walls and ceilings, i am more worried about the asbestos pipe he has removed and left on my drive and that the boiler has not been moved and is venting into the extention (we are surrounded by carbon monoxide detecters). We live in Leeds. He has done the under pinning and it has been signed off by the building inspector. The roof tiling: Although the roof tiling was in his quote, but because he left on the 17th jan.
  6. The roof tiling: Although the roof tiling was in his quote, but because he left on the 17th jan. He had scheduled the roofer for the 20th jan, so we ended up paying the roofer as we couldn't leave it open to the weather. He had also bought the wrong pitch roof tiles most of which are in the back garden. Point 3 drainage, plaster boarding, plastering, pluming, boiler moving, electrics, all flooring joists etc, roof insulation, floor insulation, 2 windows fitting, the list is endless and a bit beyond me. We have helped mum out with Kitchen, bi fold doors, velux windows a
  7. I know we sound very stupid, unfortunately we were focused on mum's health and thought we could trust the CB as we have known him for 20 years. We have loads of photos and a diary of it all and we have sent him 4 registered letters.
  8. Hi to all on your forum, i came across it by luck and i must say i am very impressed how helpful you all are. Firstly can i say i am doing this for my mum she is 82 years of age and im knocking on a bit myself. me and my partner Kathy look after mum. Im not very good with grammar or spelling so i hope you can forgive me. Here we go. early September 2013 we decided to think about having a single story extension built onto mums house, mum had not been that well and we recognised that at some point we may need to move her bed downstairs to make things easier. Anyway we asked a bui
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