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  1. Phew! So I'm just gonna wait for that letter now. Thank you VERY much for your help! I can sleep in peace now. I hope I can count on your help in the future! Until then, take care!
  2. And will the fact that I am involved with the RLP reflect on any CRB check, especially and enhanced one? That's what I'm worried most about. Other than that I am just waiting for them to send me the letter and see what they tell me.
  3. Hi guys, So I attempted the most stupid thing in my life which was to shoplift from waitrose. The stuff was £9.99. I was caught after I exited the shop and was taken to the camera room by a guy dressed in civil clothes. They told me that they'll resolve it in the office so they did not call the police. I was asked my address ,name and date of birth but they didn't ask me for ID or make any scans of my ID. They gave me a document which banned me from waitrose and another which was from RLP. They told me I will receive the fine in the post. They took a picture of me and sent me home. My question is, since the police was not involved in any way and they didn't take my ID details, will this case show up on an enhanced CRB check? I am extremely worried and cannot get this out of my mind. I just want to pay the fine and make it a part of history. Any help would be welcome! Thanks!
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