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  1. What a surprise, them Wonga ads makes me want to throw up
  2. I have complained to advertising standards about Wonga's TV ad, I have informed them of the unacceptable methods of debt recovery which people maybe subjected to after using Wonga, will update the thread when or if I get a reply.
  3. I would think that if you set up a standing order each amount paid every month will be shown leaving your account on your statement. If MMF then decide not to knock the amount off and still harass you for money ignore them, complain further to the OFT and let them try and take you to court as you can provide an audit able paper trail that shows regular payments.
  4. I have complained to the OFT about this cancerous bunch of muppets, I have also been in contact with my MP who has written to them regarding their illegal and intimidating practices which breach every rule laid down by the OFT. My own actions have included a letter which revokes any implied right they may have had to call at my home without an appointment, I have also informed them that communication with me is to be only by letter, no phone calls or texts and that any breach of this instruction will result in a harassment complaint made to the police. My MP has informed me that he will be in touch with me when MMF reply to his letter, I doubt they will reply as they have form for not replying to anything. Their operators are unreasonable and will pressure you into setting up an unrealistic payment plan over the phone and require you to leave your debit card details which they will use to empty your account. If you are planning on paying them set up a standing order at your bank with an amount you can afford. Under NO circumstances give these low life's any bank or card details.
  5. Why have others complained that "heavies" have been used and when complaints have been made they have not been upheld? surely that is not the best business plan in place is it? and why in the past have I had up to 5 phone calls a day when I have been a day late with a payment. In short I will not be using your services again.
  6. I am not a fan of Brighthouse and will not be using their services again, another cancerous company preying on the most vulnerable in society.
  7. If Brighthouse are so concerned why have I in the past had up to 5 calls a day when I was a few days late with a payment for a phone that I purchased from them. All recorded all saying the same thing. FIVE!!! in one day, 2 were in the space of one hour. On paying the amount owed I informed the store manager their actions were harassment, she stated they were allowed to call me on a daily basis till the account was up to speed, is this true?. However I played the I know what I'm talking about card and told them that if I received one more recorded phone call I would report them for harassment, seems to have done the trick. I would say to the original post that they cannot contact the police and it would appear that they do not know what they are going on about, it always amazes me how these type of countries like to attempt to strong arm the vulnerable, stand up to them and they back down.
  8. It sounds like they are grasping at straws as previously it's statute barred, I would be looking at various options to have them done for harassment. I am so glad Welcome hit the wall and I got my PPI off them serves them right, a bunch of thieves.
  9. I think it would be too late now as it was early last year, I just wanted to let others know how devious this bunch of crooks are.
  10. When I informed my bank about the transactions I was given the classic brush off, they informed me that they could not do anything as MMF had my card details. I was a little green and wet behind the ears then. A harsh lesson, will never happen again.
  11. Has anybody visited these kind of companies at their head office to confront these despicable excuse of human beings face to face, would it make a difference?
  12. Just a quick tip when dealing with Motor Mouth, NEVER NEVER pay them using a debit or credit card, past experience has taught me to use standing orders only for these clowns. I had set up a standing order with MMF sometime ago before I knew what they were like and at the same time I made a one off card payment for the same amount as the standing order, so as they put to keep the account up to date. However when checking my bank statements I noticed regular debit card payments and standing orders to these cowboys, I contacted them and the phone muppet stated I had authorised a regular payment to be taken from my debit card...an MMF LIE and it was my responsibility to cancel any such further payments, yet another lie. They did not refund my debit card payments but adjusted my outstanding balance with the extra payments. Only use standing orders for these jokers, that way you are fully in control of the amount that they receive and when they receive it. Don't trust them and NEVER believe a word their phone advisers tell you.
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