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  1. Sent a PPI questionairre claim to Northern Rock which royal mail say was delivered on 4th March, still hadnt received a reply to even acknowledge they had recieved it, so my husband called them today and they said there was no PPI account number attached to the paperwork, dont know if they meant the paperwork we sent in or their own?! Anyway, he was given Pinnacle's number and they have provided him with the account number. We want to send a SAR but after reading NRAM website it keeps mentioning to go straight to Pinnacle, is this correct? Northern Rock sold us the policy, and made out we h
  2. They have 40 days to reply to the SAR and we have 28 days to accept their offer?
  3. I guess i should wait until the revised offer letter comes in and see what it says, they said they sent it on 28th feb, but havent had it yet.
  4. No, it was a bit confusing, because the credit was provided by RBS but the loan was actually taken out with Tesco, when we fell into arrears tesco and RBS passed the book back and forth and it was a nightmare to get anywhere with them. They eventually put a charging order on our house which was paid back when we sold the house. The court paperwork said RBS, so we initially sent a SAR to RBS with a £10 postal order as we had no other information other than the court ref numbers, after several letters they told us we needed to write to Tesco, so we j
  5. Surely they have to honour the first offer though?
  6. Maybe that was the reason, because it was from 2003 and the interest was £975 in the first offer They said they have sent out the new offer but havent received it yet
  7. We sent a PPI claim form to Tesco for a loan that had been paid off several years ago. They took longer than the 8 weeks to give a final response, sending a couple of letters inbetween. On 23rd feb we received an offer from them as they agreed they couldnt confirm accurate information had been supplied when it was taken out, the amount was £3016. We sent the acceptance form back which said payment would be made within 7 days, its been longer, so my husband called today and was told there had been a 'mix up' and the payment team would call him back. They have calle
  8. Thought i would update, my hubby had the meeting at the council today, and no the 12% doesnt include the current council tax, the woman who said that clearly cant do her job. Anyway the AEO hasnt been sent to his employer yet and that is going to be cancelled, we are going to pay £10 a week off the arrears and obviously keep up with the curent council tax. So a good outcome! Thank you for your support.
  9. Yesterday she kept saying we would be better off paying the AOE and he couldnt really hear/understand what she was saying as he was calling from work (noisy environment). So he called her again this morning and arranged the meeting but once again she said the 12% they take will be the only amount they take and will cover the current council tax. She was asking my hubby if he was saying he is not paying anything, to which he explained that paying the current council tax is fine, but not £38 a week on top off arrears, she has said several times that it will be £38 and nothing else. But it doe
  10. When my husband came home from work on wednesday i was really upset and he was fuming, so he called the council yesterday and spoke to the person who sent the AOE letter to us, she has said the 12% they will take from his wages covers the current council tax as well as arrears and we wont be paying anything else? Does anyone know if this is true? As i dont see that written anywhere. We have a meeting with the recovery team at the council on monday.
  11. Yes weekly on fridays We cant fall behind with the rent payments as we already owe arrears which we are slowly paying back, so the only options we are left with is to not pay the current council tax or not eat! Really upset now i know it's been sent to his work
  12. How long will it take them to get that started do you think?
  13. Baby Brain! - Have read it again and at the bottom it says this is a copy of an Attachment of Earnings Order served on your employer. The payroll number and NI number is left blank and starts To any person who has in his employment the person named above - its dated 6/2/13 - took them long enough, only got it today! Thanks for your help
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