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  1. I've written to them telling them it's basically farsical, I'm trying to give them money, they are processing my data (STILL) and claiming they can't find my account! For a bank that's riddled with toxic debts, don't bother trying to actually give them money you owe them...... It's fruitless! Regards, Andy
  2. Any more advice ladies and gentlemen? Regards, Andy
  3. Hello all, Around two years ago I wrote to RBS attempting to negotiate a full and final settlement for an allegedly outstanding credit card account I had with them (in the region of £200, mostly charges) in return for removal of the default from my credit file. No harm in asking eh? Two years later, and after numerous letters backwards and forwards, (never received a reply to the initial letter) RBS are claiming they can not find my account details, and constantly send me letters asking for "more information," I've told them the credit card type, my name, address and date of birt
  4. No typo I'm afraid, was given 24 months to pay by installments if I remember correctly but paid off ahead of time, guess that's kinda irrelevant though. Regards, Andy
  5. Thank you for your reply dx. I applied for the SAR simply out of interest, however I believed a CCA had to be valid for this to be used to support a CCJ, however clearly I am wrong! I did however ask for proof of default notice being sent to me (or a copy of the notice) however this was not returned to me, only the CCA however was returned to me, I was only 19 I believe when the CCJ was issued, it's now stopping me (and my partner) from renting, I guess I was just wondering if there was a way I could get it removed Many thanks for your help my friend, Regards, Andy
  6. Just to add, the CCJ was settled 14 weeks after it was issued (well ahead of the proscribed payment schedule.) Regards, Andy
  7. Hello ladies and gentlemen, In 2008 I received a CCJ from the Open Univeristy (or OUSBA, acting as the person factoring payment) for the sum of £500, just out of interest I recently made the following request to OUSBA: The only two relevant pieces of paper they returned (on the 38th day) were: (My name isn't Mr Benn by the way....) Then: Then two sheets of T&C's (no area to sign etc...) I can upload these if requested. As I have specifically asked for a default notice and they have not supplied one (I do not remember receiving one either), loo
  8. Hi, I am currently in a very heated dispute with a loan company, (for anonomity, we'll refer to them as Foxtrot-Lima-Mike) and six weeks ago, I sent them a recorded letter asking them to formally mark my account as in dispute until the matter of the (by my analysis) unlawful charges has been cleared up. I am still being billed, and having interest applied. Is this lawful? Further to this, I have a recording of a spectacuarly unhelpful lady at the company "reading out my letter" (after I asked) then stopping shy of the line about disputing the account because "she was being recor
  9. Hi, After a heated phonecall with FLM Loans, they claim infatically to NOT be registered with the FSA, although they appear on the register under "names" for their holding company. I even got the guy on the phone to go to the FSA website and check for himself, he still denies FLM are bound by the FSA regulations. Now, 'scuse me if I'm being thick here, but don't a loan company need to be registered with the FSA? I may have misunderstood, but I believed that any loan company would need to be registered to carry out their business. Regards, Andy
  10. Sorry to dig up an old thread. Can somebody explain what this line means please? Regards, Andy
  11. So even though the copy they have provided me is ilegible, the debt is still enforcable? Thanks for sorting that Regards, Andy
  12. Hi all, I requested a CCA from a loan I have with FLM, they have now sent me two copies of my loan agreement, but the copies are so poor it is not possible make out more than about 1-in-5 words of the small print. The letter I received with the second one read: However, it is not possible to actually read what they have sent me, it is also very dark. **IMAGE REMOVED** is my scan, however obviously a scan of a scan, of a copy won't yeild great results anyway. Where do I go from here, I'm not being "cocky" but me, nor any of my friends or family can actually r
  13. This the copy of the CCA I received from FLM this morning: It is absolutely illegible, I have phoned them and advised them of this. You can not make out any of the small print, and it's been printed on a letterheaded page, rather than plain paper so it also obscures the stuff printed at the bottom. Any pointers, they have said they will send me out another legible copy. Regards, Andy
  14. CCA request submitted recorded post this afternoon. I await it to drop though my door in the next twelve days lol Regards, Andy
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