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  1. Hey alice77, I went to my local CAB and asked for their advice, they drafted me a letter to send them basically stating that they have no right to be sending me these demands and that the CAB will back me up in court if it was to proceed, since then RLP sent me a letter basically ignoring the whole thing and continuing to say the same things as before. It was nice to get piece of mind from the CAB, however it doesn't seem to have done much, thus I'm just going to ignore them from now on! Hope this helps you!
  2. Thank you, may I have a version of the one liner I should send? I take it I send this to the Nottingham address on their letters?
  3. Would it be best to send the one line letter or just to ignore?
  4. Thank you everyone for your help The 14 day limit on my 3rd letter has just finished, so I'm sure I'll be receiving more soon. I will keep this forum updated. Once the DCA gets involved, what usually happens then? I just feel sorry for my parents who have to keep forwarding me these horrible letters!
  5. An anomaly in my case in regards to others I have seen is that my amount is £147.50 rather than the £137.50 which I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be, anyone have any idea what that is about? Also I wasn't provided with a break down of the "costs" to the store, and I think that is supposed to be given? Thank you.
  6. Hello, 2 months ago I was caught for theft in an local drug store, it was very out of character for me and I feel absolutely terrible about it, and have been feeling awful ever since, I cannot condone my actions and I will never so such a stupid action again. The police were called and the matter was resolved by community resolution. I have googled online and I haven't found much about this, I just wondered how badly this could affect any future plans? E.g travelling, jobs etc. I am not looking to go into a job involving money handling or working with children/elderly/vulnerable adults. Since then I have received 3 RLP letters, and although I have read copious amounts of advice on the website, I would like someone to talk to who could aid me personally, I am student and cannot really afford this debt (I know I shouldn't have done the act in the first place), and just wondered what will be RLP's next course of action? The letters have been going to my home address and my parents are becoming more and more worried. How many more letters/what kind of letters will I be getting next? I'm currently in my last year of university and this is beginning to affect my studies, I don't want my degree to suffer for this either . Will the RLP issue go on any kind of record? If I pay will that make matters worse for me (not including the loss in money)? Thank you.
  7. Ah thank you! This is very helpful, I will let them know about this technique, should also stop them from opening the letters too . Just to confirm I have not received an FPN (sorry for the confusion) and I believe it was a community resolution form that I had to deal with (the community bit had been ripped off at the top of my part of the form) so I shall not be charged. I am extremely grateful for this but it has taught be an invaluable lesson, and I'm very happy for it to be over (well until the RLP letters stop anyway lol). Thank you for everyone who has helped, it was kind seeing as I had done a bad deed. Kind regards to all.
  8. That is a good idea, however my parents are not very technology literate ha, and I believe them to be the kind of people who would rather play it safe, I'll probably tell them it's about something else and for them not too worry about it.
  9. This is what I have done, but I feel bad on them wasting stamp money just to deliver me threatening RLP letters haha, the company is not worth it.
  10. They aren't aware of the situation, but if they were to open the letter and read it they would become very worried and would probably want to pay it themselves (if this were a real fine I would pay for it myself, never let my parents do it) and I don't want them to do that, I suppose if it got to it I can claim it is about something else, that they should ignore?
  11. Haha, thank you for your time and help! I know the letters will be sent to my parents home, is it worth contacting RLP and telling them to send it to my university address? That way I can ignore them easier without my parents constant concern
  12. Well I was sure id had because when I left I remember thinking I had, but no I was not issued with a piece of paper, maybe they mentioned it as something I could've received but instead was given an RJ, I'll leave it as I just want the situation to be over. I have definitely learned my lesson!
  13. Quick update, I think my apology letter was to do with Restorative Justice, and I definitely wasn't given any papers saying about FPN, but still, is it worth going to my local police department and checking?
  14. Sidewinder, Oh I see, so does this mean I haven't been given one? They didn't mention about getting into contact with me again, what shall I do? Shall I go to my local police station and check? Thank you.
  15. What does it look like HB, if you know? I was given 3 letters, one which explained my ban from the shopping centre, one telling me about RLP, and a blue slip from the police which said the time and date of the incident, and was basically a slip to show that I apologised to the manager. Was I meant to have received another letter? I am 99% sure they mentioned a Fixed Penalty Notice, so I am assuming I have to pay the fine? Kind regards.
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