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  1. I did pay the police 80 pounds for the theft and it had My incident code on the letter and date I paid.
  2. Oh. An BTW. I received a letter off my local council I think I should call it. Let's say. Anyone. The courts... And tribunal services. Stating they found my payment to police on the suspense records ??? And a cheque for 80 will be sent within 28 days I received another letter from the counts and tribunal services with a cheque attached to the bottom for 80 pound. Anyone know what this Is. I'm kind of scared to put it in my bank ? Do I have to pay them again. Nothing of that was mentioned in my letter
  3. Okay right I chose not to write a letter and have received a letter 2 weeks ago. saying. They're giving me another 2 weeks Today I came home to a letter Stating that ignoring it will not make it go away After all the court cases. Legal fees. It will be sought out at 8 percent per annum Also that I've failed to comply with the practises direction of pre action conduct and the civil procedure rules 1998. Regrettablely they must advise there client it is now in position to issue proceedings against me and for the full claim Aswell as, They're holding my information and that they are going on what they was told and I I wish to give my version I events to do so. If I do not dispute the claim and there are no other circumstances relevant I need to settle the claim. And another 14 days or incurring costs etc So originally I was given 14 days then 14 days. Now... Another 14 days. I'm moving flat within the next 2 weeks and it will be empty. Should I even bother writing to let them know or ? Just to keep you all updated WAAO
  4. when should i send the one liner and by posted... first or second class... haha. i think ill opt for the second class. no expense spared on money grabbers eh.
  5. i feel a little cheap giving so little but i donated 2.50 as thats all i have spare at this moment. once i get back on track i wil donate again. thank you so much guys. haha ill pass on the ever growing love to im sure her massive fan mail
  6. i think finding this forum has made me smile today this is rare thing to find a community in todays world.. online or irl.. thank you all
  7. ok... wow guys.. if i could hug you i would. you have no idea how confident you all make me feel. when should i write the infamous one liner to Jackie i believe her name is ?
  8. thanks for the reply d and in regards to the DCA ? , is there any protocol used to usher these away like the RLP? i though DCA hold some sort of autority and i really dont want them knocking on my door etc. im trying to make yourself repeat yourself alot like in other threads il keep posting in the thread as more letters come...
  9. im guessing its the. write a one line to them. ignore all other letters only thing im concerned about is. the dca .. how are they shooed away ? has anyone personally whos posting gone through this system and came out the other side. as in.. are we hearing this advice from the horses mouth kind of thing ? sorry... in kind of panic street guys :/
  10. HI EVERYONE ! firstly i know this is definitely in the wrong section of the forum but. i could not find the right one so i am sorry mods! i have been panicing about a certain letter i recieved today and scrolled the internet for advice etc and came across this website which in all my days of hobbies and hobbie related forums have never seen such a nice one as this. Everyone ive seen replying is honest and un judging! the letter i recieved today was from RLP the civil recovery specialists... im going to be honest and its so embarrasing i could let the world swallow me up i might of even shed a couple tears of embarrsement i was caught shop lifting in a major supermarket. stupid i know :( i was taken to a room in the back and asked have i got anything to say i just gave them the goods backs which was in perfect order. they explained i was banned from the store and would be looking for reclaim damages costs from me then police was called and asked me the usual.. have i been in trouble etc. they gave me a 80 pound penalty i was then allowed to leave. i paid the 80 pound then today i recieved the letter demanding 147.50 for damages and distraction of staff etc i am in a really bad part of my life atm. not to bore you and that would really topple my life atm. i paid the police fine as i acknowledged my wrong doing and was willing to accept that slap on my wrists. but this is rather... stressful as im not the most brightest person or even confident person to deal with this. can anyone shed some light on this situation. i feel its a bit unique as the others i have read havent been the exact same circumstances as mine. i wil be donating to the forum from my penny pot as i honestly feel i am able to be honest without judgement here and i thank you all for that. for the record im 22 and live in england. thank you
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