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  1. Thanks for that. I will keep eye out for contact later. just want to stop them going around there.
  2. How do I file for a stay of execution? How much does it cost? I want the case re heard, is that possible? Can I email them imforming that a stay of excution a has been applied for to stop visting the address?
  3. Yes previous address and they have been infomred of this on numerous occasions - so attending knowing I am not residing there. Use to rent the property with that person but we split up. We have a good friendly relationship still and I am still on Electro roll but only as an address. At present I staying at another address but only temp. They 1st contacted me about 7 months ago
  4. I want to send them an email to stop them attending my old address, breaking and harassing someone of whom has nothing to do with this. Please advise what I can send them. I have no problem in taking this furthdr. 1. I beleive I dont owe the money initially claimed 2. Cowboy SHERFORCE have to be stopped!!
  5. Sorry. CCJ was taken against me. I was made aware of it as I applied but apparently not in time. I did answer all questions in there claim dated 01 may 2012 from northampton court. Which had was returned by post and hand delivered to my local office as advised for an appeal to set aside then nothing just constant hassle from SHERFORCE. original claim was £1200 Claim fee £60.84 Court fee £80.00 Total £1340.00 Now after SHERFORCE none visits - well visits that didnt happen or there was no need for total £3239.60 Of which I am paying none as as I believe this is a fradulent claim. they are also threatening to charge £720.00 for removal of goods yesterday which they never took, never attended, I dont reside at address and also have no possessioms at address. All of which they are aware and I have proof they do!!
  6. HELP PLEASE - THESE GUYS ARE A NIGHTMARE. I am hoping that you guys can offer me some advice. basically along time ago I did some work for a company and through no fault of my own ended up owing them some £1200 which rose to £1500 after they went to court. I have tried on numerous occasiins to come to an agreement to pay but nothing. Then SHERFORCE CAME IN!!! They have been trying to attend my previous address even after I have been in contact with them via email with replies on numerous occasions informing them that I do not live there anymore. Yesterday I got a call from a withheld number at 654 saying my house is being burgled and at which point I received an email. This stated that they had attended the property well previous address and seized good and they where charging £300+ to do this. Opon making a phone call it has been discovered that they never atteneded the property but claim they have and chqrging me for it. They say they have attended many times charging the same £300+ but again lies!!! What do I do please? The billmis now some £3200 double original and I refusimg to pay a penny as I feel harrassed, lied to and also feel as I am being scared mungered excuse spelling. HELP PLEASE :@(
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