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  1. I've now managed to get this 'Parking Charge' cancelled. Thank you for all your help guys. Couldn't have persevered this far without your support. Keep the good work going.
  2. Thanks for responding so soon. I have scanned a few pages of it, which I thought were most relevant so i'll post these up. If you feel you need to see more then pls let me know and I will try and post the rest up. Please see attached. Page 9 onwards is them directly responding to my defence and everything before I believe is generic nonsense.
  3. Hi guys. Upon getting ideas from comments I sent off a defence, which was along the theme of: Denying a contract was formed as defendants car had broken down, rendering her unable to accept or reject the contract. I mentioned 'Frustration of contract', explained the mitigating circumstance, that my mother was distressed and panicked as she had to get home to make dinner for her dependent diabetic husband and reading signs was the last thing on her mind as she was trying to find a fix. I explained that breaking down is not a breach of contract, I claimed that the charge is not reflec
  4. Guys, marvellous suggestions. Some true ingenuity. I have submitted my defence (15 minutes past the deadline ) and I incorporated many things that were suggested. I didnt get much time to actively pursue Morrisons but the rest I included. I guess time will now tell what transpires. SabreSheep I'm sorry I couldnt post a draft here for feedback, I only started drafting it an hour before the deadline as I have been extremely busy with work and other commitments. However, if you would like to see it, I dont mind sending it to you for feedback
  5. Hi, all. I have received a court notice by Nottingham County Court, on behalf of ParkingEye. It is for the amount of £175.00, which comprises of £100 amount claimed, £25 court fee and £50 Solicitors costs. A few months ago my mother entered a Morrisons car park and broke down (car wouldnt start). She called me, distressed, and I went out to her and got the car to start. In the midst of the ordeal, she didnt read the signs and did not obtain a ticket (£1 for 2 hours, refundable upon £5 in store spending) and didnt do any shopping either, as she tended to the ca
  6. Hi all. My adjudication date was set for next week and I was looking forward to going and presenting my case against the council in person. I was also going to make an application of costs to the adjudicators as I believe and had evidence to suggest that the LEA have continuously acted in an unreasonable and vexatious way. Anyway I have received a letter today from the council informing me that they will not be contesting the appeal and that I do not need to attend the PATAS hearing. A little disappointed that they made me go through so much, over a period of 6 months, to go and ca
  7. Hi King (and others), just an update: I spoke to PATAS and they have said that they have not notified the council of a registered case yet because it is 'inconsistent'. I am not the registered keeper of the car and they therefore need an authorisation letter from the registered keeper to say that they give consent to myself to deal with this pcn on their behalf. I am the named driver on the car insurance. They have said that I can contact the LA and explain this to them, but I dont want to contact them if I dont have to. Any comments or advice? I have sent PATAS the auth
  8. Thank you king for once again a very insightful response. I will forward a copy of the charge certificate alongside my comments to the adjudicators office on Tuesday. I may also ring the LA on Tuesday and ask them what they're playing at. May record the call too. The LA are being way to wayward. I may need to pick your brains regarding application of costs at a later stage. Thanks for all your help. Much appreciated.
  9. Just opened the post and I have a Charge Certificate from the council. They really are hungry SOB's. Their NoR was dated Thursday 17th April and it said I had 28 days to pay the full amount OR appeal to the adjudicator from the date the notice was DELIVERED. I received the NoR on Saturday but could have easily have received it on Monday. Anyway I sent the appeal off to the adjudicator on 14th May and they received it on the 16th, which is within 28 days whichever way you calculate it. Yet on the 23rd they sent me out this charge certificate. It says to make payment within 14 da
  10. Thanks again King. Any opinions on whether the FoI findings should be included or omitted? The video footage also shows another vehicle indicating to come into the bus lane and then starting the manoever to proceeding to change into the bus lane, so clearly I wasnt the only person inadvertently duped into using the bus lane either. Im considering taking snapshots from the video and adding this as another point of appeal. I will look to see if theres anymore River roads in the area, although I dont think there is, but the current one is very long, maybe 3 miles or so and bends etc. Wi
  11. Thank you king, very insightful and encouraging post. About the repairs to the sign, the council say they didnt do any repairs as its Tfl that are responsible for them and Tfl have also said that they carried out no repairs to the sign. Signs dont repair themselves so I dont know what to make of it and whether submitting the information obtained using the FoI act would support or harm my case if I provided these details to the adjudicator. I intend to send off my form either today or tomorrow. On one hand the council may claim the signs were never faulty (despite my evidence) unless i tam
  12. Thanks for your input King. Is the fact that the enforcement notice didnt contain information on where to send formal representations a point I should also be making? Also the councils delay to provide the video recording for over 6 weeks and after a dozen or so requests? I will see if I can upload the pictures of the sign in a pdf like ive done with the EN and NOR above so you can understand better the situation from the motorists POV.
  13. So I made my formal representations to the council last month. I highlighted: -My disappointment in their rejection-given that they rejected without addressing any of my points -The reason why I had ended up on the bus lane was because of defective signs (which I highlighted in my informal appeal and they rejected them saying that they have checked and have found them to all be valid) and provided the council with evidence of them -Highlighted the signs had been defective for over 2 months -Made a request under the FoI act to provide a figure of the amount of enforcements made on th
  14. Heres the enforcement notice attached in a pdf document. What strikes me about this (I may have it wrong) is that the EN tells me how to pay in great deal and also tells me I can make formal representations, and gives me space to write the formal representations in but nowhere does it state where the formal appeal should be sent or forwarded to. Of course I just sent them recorded to the same address I sent the informal representations to. More of an update in the next post.
  15. There is something wrong with this website. It automatically reduces the size of the images. Maybe an admin can contact me with an explanation. I can't post external links and the website reduces the image size.
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