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  1. Just googled this : Back to top What sort of cautions need to be disclosed for DBS purposes? Simple cautions (18+) A simple caution is issued by a police officer, usually at a police station, to the individual where they accept responsibility for the offence. If you have received a police caution, you would have had your fingerprints and photograph taken (although this will also happen if you are simply arrested) and you will have signed a document accepting responsibility for the offence. You will not necessarily have been given a copy of your signed caution
  2. I didn't pay any penalty and I don't remember them saying a caution either. This was Nearly a year ago. All I remember is the word 'restorative justice' and the policeman saying that because it was my first offence then are not taking it further and leaving it there.
  3. I'm not sure hence why I asked. It was a minor offence in store...
  4. Hello, if it's your first offence and you have been given a Restorative Justice, does it show up on a CRB check/ Advanced CRB check? I think they are called DRB or DSB checks now. Many thanks.
  5. Why do such companies exist? Why do they think they can claim Money like this from people? ... Do they not write the amount on the first letter then?
  6. Thank you for the reply - but really wary and can't help worry that matters will get worse.
  7. Hi - I have just received my first letter. It doesn't have an amount but says this : You were involved in a wrongful act which caused loss to our client. As a result, out client has the right to pursue a civil claim for compensation. Before considering pursuing the claim against you, we are instructed to investigate this incident further. We are therefore giving you the opportunity to advise us of circumstances you believe we ought to be aware of which May have contributed to your actions. This is just a very brief outline as the letter is very long. What shall I do? They didn't
  8. That's what my worry is - if I go for a job that entails a enhanced crb. I wasn't given a FPN by the police which is a relief but just a civil recovery letter by the store detective.
  9. Old bill thank you for replying but my question is 'will it show up in future CRB checks?' And FPN, are they given on the spot by police or come in post?
  10. Just needed to ask a quick question - In my case I was given a RJ by the store and like I said I had to sign a form for the police officer. Does this come up on a CRB check, advanced and normal? Also FPN, do you sign for them or are they on the spot fine? Cause I don't think i got one of them but am thinking now why did I sign that paper? I can't remember the police officer saying anything about fines :/
  11. Can I just ask, you said if people are banned then their images are stapled with their banning letter? Is that for every retail store? Like Matalan for instance...I mean does the banning notice ie paper come from the store or the police officer?
  12. Also is refund fraud the same level as shoplifting? I think my case was said to be refund fraud.
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