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  1. Me and my ex split 3 weeks ago and today he paid me £120 for maintenance. He earns £19,000 gross before overtime and because he pays maintenance to another child he says we both get 10% of his net which he says is £1,185. Is him paying 10% correct as when I put it into the calculator it shows more but he says that doesnt take into account the other child he's paying for?
  2. Ok first of all I havent been short on detail, I said I handed the keys back the day after I moved in which is why I believe they have charged me £22. I told the estate agent I was doing this as someone was meant to be picking my wardrobe up. Secondly I told the estate agent I still had a wardrobe and bed in the flat that I was having trouble selling and because I was moving into a furnished house could not take them with me. They told me to tell them when I was picking them up so they could go with me but as the people who were buying them off me couldnt come until out of office times I coul
  3. I handed the keys back the day after I moved as someone was meant to be picking up my wardrobe the day I moved but they never did. My mum still had a set of keys so I used them a couple of days later to pick up the wardrobe and bed. I know I should have told the agent so they could have gone with me but the people came to pick them up early morning and evening when the office would have been shut plus I was having so much trouble selling them I just wanted them out of the way.
  4. I sent them a letter requesting they send me a breakdown of the charges and they have left me a message saying they have cancelled the cheque they originally sent me and are getting someone to look at the flat (which was meant to be last week!) as they are saying they may have to charge me for an iron burn in the carpet and some marks on the wall. So basically because I have complained they are talking about charging me more! I admit I burned the carpet with an iron but it isnt right through the carpet or brown but can they charge me for a new carpet? Arent the marks on the wall classed as wea
  5. I didnt stay in past my tenancy but as I didnt hand in the keys until the lunchtime the day after I moved it will look like I did stay in. The thing that bothers me with the bathroom is that it was on the inventory as being poor in the first place, the paint peeled off when the water off the shower went on it and it is only a tiny bathroom. They have left me a message to say the contract cleaners are going in to view it but as yet they havent given me a breakdown so the £50 is obviously a guess.
  6. I moved in May 2006 and I was given an inventory which stated the bathroom was poor but I never signed it and sent them it back. I have a feeling the £22 is because I didnt hand the keys over until the day after I moved as someone was meant to be coming to pick up some furniture I was selling so they are charging me an extra day's rent. The manager is meant to be ringing me today regarding the bathroom.
  7. I have just received a cheque after moving out of my flat 3 weeks ago. They have deducted £50 for cleaning the bathroom. The bathroom was in a poor state when I moved in and also said this on the inventory, the paint wasnt bathroom paint so it peeled off when I used the shower and because it had no window and the fan didnt always work it got mildew and mould which even after scrubbing with specialist cleaners would not come off. I am fuming that they are charging me for something that I had no control over. I have rung them and they are saying they are not charging me for a burn in the carpet
  8. Shall I send the LBA to the Lit Team as they were the ones last handling my case?
  9. Thank you everyone. Saintly have read your link and will send them a LBA tomorrow. Will I have to go through the charges again to add new interest on?
  10. Hope someone can help because not sure what to do. Received my settlement letter 11 weeks ago and faxed it straight away. Didnt go to my court date because of this but told the court. I have not received my money and the lit team are not answering my emails. I emailed Paul Quinn a week ago today to say I will take them to court for breach of contract if I do not receive the money in a week. Today is a week later and I've not heard anything. Should I go through Moneyclaim again?
  11. As predicted I have not heard anything from them. Is there anything I can do?! I have the settlement letter that they sent me.
  12. No I didnt amend any of the wording and sent it back by fax. I called and faxed the court to tell them I wouldnt be attending and would let them know when I received the money. I emailed them a few months ago and Quinn didnt reply so I emailed Dino and he said he is sure Quinn will have put the request in for my money but they have a backlog. If they dont reply this time how do I sue them for breach of contract? I've noticed on moneysavingexpert they mention sending in the baillifs.
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