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  1. Mostly definitely sent to right place and no the cheques haven't been cashed this is an ongoing battle with them with regards to a mis sold money fund product . We didn't send it recored delivery when we sent it and had assumed that the solicitor may have done,the ombudsman has requested the info from them and he hasn't received it either . We have done another request and that is going recorded delivery to be honest I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them I have learnt so much through this experience and believe me you may think that you read all the t&c's but they actually mean nothing even in law . They talk about about money lenders being immoral in my book banks are higher on the list . Rant over.
  2. I have made two SAR requests to the YB one via myself and one through my solicitor both times they have said they have haven't received them !!!! is this normal for the YB the ombudsman says they are not easy to deal with has anyone got any tips as time is of the essence .
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