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  1. It's my fifth Scooby, so not exactly new to the brand. The newest I had was three months old, the oldest being this one. Just wouldn't have expected an engine to go on that low mileage. My last one had over 110k miles by the time I got rid of it, and was as good on the last day I had it as the first.
  2. I bought a used car from a seemingly reputable dealer in December 2019. It was a 2012 Subaru WRX STI, it was fairly priced and the mileage was low for it's age (52k miles). In early March, driving home, the car started making a funny noise whenever the engine went above 2000 revs. My brother in law mechanic said that's engine trouble (possibly bottom end or the crankshaft) and to get in touch with the dealer. The car came with a 12 month warranty, and the crankshaft was listed as a covered item. What I discovered was that there was a limit of £500 per claim under the
  3. Thanks for the response. It just struck me as odd they want a cancellation fee on top of the money they've had off me already: £600 for the year, so that's roughly £50 a month. They've had £100 out of me and cancelled the policy within a month of me taking it out. Now they want an additional £75. Surely a months insurance can't cost £125 after you deduct the cancellation fee (based on a full year being £600)? If they'd said forget about the cancellation fee in lieu of the monies they've already taken I'd have understood.
  4. Thanks for the welcome - lots of interesting articles on here
  5. I took out car insurance on the 7th January, choosing to pay monthly. The policy was approximately £600 a year, and payments were for £50 a month. I sent my proof of no claims off as requested to the local office and heard no more. The next payment came out of the account on the 23rd January for another £50 as expected. Then on the 5th February we get a letter saying the insurance has been cancelled due to not receiving the no claims proof and we owe a further £75 (apparenty £50 of this was for a cancellation fee they imposed) We did call the local office and spoke to an
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