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  1. I tell you what... When you have dealt with the company and been through the crap I have for the past few 22 Months... Then come back at me and tell me i'm wrong... Until then, just take the advice and stay away from them.
  2. oh yeah very wrong.. Majority of cars are sold faulty... any better ...
  3. plus.. many people need to know exactly what to expect from this company
  4. Oh believe me its very very big if you dont like it.. then dont comment.. simple
  5. I was not letting you this time. You caused to much hurt for me throughout the nearly two years of having cars from yourself. Why would I come to some 'mutual resolution' with you? Your customer service is diabolical. You sell faulty cars, you miss sell finance, you miss sell warranty. Its pretty sickening that you allow all of this to happen and sit back and let hundreds of customers make complaints like myself. Luckily, I was making my stance with my claim and I have not got what I want.
  6. Well if you are going to be so pedantic, then re check your spelling.
  7. FIRSTLY .. no 98% isnt 100% .. which is why i said 98% ... SECONDLY ... what has sales got to do with my complaint ... I guess you like carcraft and like the fact they screw majority of their customers over? You love the fact that they miss sell finance, sell faulty goods. want nothing to do with a customer once they have got their commission? You think all of that is acceptable?
  8. put yourself in my shoes and many other customers shoes... then tell me its not a fair assessment overall..
  9. i think youll find that when you search the net with complaints from carcraft... id say 98% would agree with me with their own cars having problems from point of sale! No claims have been made. Its all true.
  10. Guys!! I no longer have either cars! They finally did some what customer service! I got £1995 back and i now own a brand new 14 plate car for a lot less a month over three years and!!!!!! Fully covered warranty for the three years!!! Up yours carcraft!
  11. I took an alfa mito in 2012. It was faulty and was promised it would be fixed... They could not fix it and it failed the mot because of it. I put my foot down and made them very aware that the next time the car had to go in their garage, was the last. It had to go back again because of a noise on the engine.. They offered me a replacement. But that was made difficult. Again i put my foot down and told them i was having a mini cooper. I took the mini finally in july 2013... This car had not been checked, neither had it had a service and when it went for its service in no
  12. I have had far too many problems with carcraft.. the email below is sent to the cheif executive customer service and my finance company. (ignore grammar or spelling mistakes lol) Dear Noel and any other contact to have received this email. I am going to keep this email short but straight to the point. I will give you as much information for you to get the relevant information. I purchased an Alfa Romeo Mito from you in May 2012, registration of YE09 PXP, to which the tracking was not corrected when promises was made. The car had to come back to you pretty soon, for a week for
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