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  1. fortunately i'm travelling down to east kilbride to see my partner's folks and then on to sheffield to see my folks so i'm gonna take it to pc world in ek on the 22nd and retrieve it on the way back up so problem solved. the problems started after i'd booked it in after a very long phone conversation, in which the girl was relaying issues between myself and her manager. she said it would take seven days which were covered whilst i was staying away so i'd be able to drop it on the 22nd and collect it on the 4th march. so we went through the process of booking it in. after doing all this and discussing the length of my stay she asked me if i would like data retrieval to which i said yes. she then declared that it would take another 10 days!! at this point i asked to speak directly to her manager as it was once again getting complicated. when he came on the phone he opened up with a tirade of abuse. this was the source of my complaint. i took the advice very kindly offered on here and contacted the exec geezer and his understudy rang me up to apologise. he's now reviewing the case and hopefully giving the nasty little manager his come-upance. thanks guys for all your help and very kind offers. as this develops i'll let you know the outcome. i'll be away til the 5th so no doubt then i'll be back with more horror stories.
  2. it was a shipping issue due to the fact i moved to orkney. apparently they won't collect or pick up from here cos it takes a ferry to get here.
  3. unfortunately not. looks like it;s going back to pc world.......
  4. there is no led on my computer but my ahrd drive is just playing a repeated sound over and over a bit like when a cd will not load properly.
  5. This is still running in msdos not in windows ifthat makes a difference
  6. Btw, I pressed f8, it got as far as windows/system32/drivers/crcdisc.sys
  7. Unfortunately my back up regime leaves a lotto be desired. They did offer me data retrieval but I have problems getting to a store to collect as I live in orkney now and it takes another 10 days for this service. The weeks repair time was all I could afford time wise so fingers crossed they should haveit done by then i hope.....
  8. I cannot find terms and conditions on my "pay as you go support agreement" although I did break my power supply some time ago and managed to get a new one from them.
  9. I'm getting a black screen with the microsoft logo and a bar running left to right underneath but it won't boot any further.
  10. The charger is still working but windows is failing to boot so I'm guessing it's the hard drive. I've been paying somewhere in the region of £9 a month for a"care package" which I was sold in store as insurance when I bought the laptop.
  11. It got pulled off the table by the cord and now it won't boot.
  12. Thanks very much for your prompt response. Email sent and awaiting reply
  13. I spoke to the team at knowhow in sheffield today on the issue of my broken laptop. To cut a long story short I spoke to an operative who was in effect acting as a go between, relaying info to her manager then back to me. An issue came up regarding collection of the product and I asked to speak directly with her manager. A man came on the phone and announced himself as "chris". He then proceeded to be very rude, talking over me, being extremely agressive and bombastic, he would not listen to my case and just kept repeating the same phrase over and over again in a very irritating way which I believe to be deliberate to inflame me. I however remained calm and objective despite his nasty behaviour. I asked to complain about him and he refused to put me on to someone with whom icould make a complaint. I really feel this man should be repremanded for his behaviour and would like an apology at least. What can I do about this?
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