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  1. thanks for the replys everyone . my mental issues have increased over the last week went to my doctors yesterday and it gets worse .. i was told by the doctor that he can do a letter for me as the doctor that put me in the meds has retired .. and that if he did it for me it would mean that he was having a opinion what ever that means . however i found medication boxs that go right back before my interviews so after getting as much info on the meds online it appears that both meds i was on can cause drowsiness ,confusion and all sorts . im on means tested employment and support and currently get £35 per fortnight as my wife works plus is a carer for our disabled granddaughter so they took everything i.. but before the 24th dec 2013 i was on income related employment and support . im under cbt as well as a mental health supporter .if im honest i wish i had the gutts to wel you know !! my head just feels like its exploding all the time
  2. thanks guys i got a solicitor phoning me on Tuesday ,had a quick brief chat on the phone and sounded ok so wel see what happens from this point . not only do they deal with benefit fraud but they deal with mental issues as well . he told me to get as much info as possible on the prescription drugs that i was on at the time and they all state they cause confusion . fatigue and . wish the doctor had told me that
  3. thankyou everyone . part of my condition means i have a phobia about calling people ,filling out forms that sort of thing . i get very confused frustrated and angry with myself . but it looks like its something im going to have to try .ive been putting it off due to the anxious feelings i get then of course i go into panic mode and pass out . but by the looks of it .. im gonna have to get someone in x
  4. no lawyer yet ive been trying to get through to my local cab but they are as busy as hell i was only notified at the beginning of this month and im in court on the 27th of this month
  5. hi everyone . last year i was called in to fraud investigation i have mental issues at present and i was severely ill with back problems and all sorts . so i dosed myself up with pain killers and other stuff and went to the interview . i informed them straight away that i had taken pain killers and that i might be a bit . sluggish. after confusing questions i left the interview. i received a letter a few weeks after stating id been asked to pay back £2900 due to me not revealing my wife was working 13 hours a week. now i received a court summons asking me to go to court for benefit fraud. im very worried what might happen . my family are very worried about it . .in some ways i kinda guess im guilty purely because at previous interviews i apparently told them that my wife didnt have a bank account and of course she did but with the cocktail of drugs i was taking at the time i cannot remember a thing about it . i also told them that i had informed them by letter and posted it through the letter box but apparently they have not had a letter box outside for 10 years . i have no clue as to what ive said in the interviews and i really dont see how i can go in thee and say im not guilty . ive been clean of drugs now for 5 months ( prescription and non prescription) but ive found myself in this very large hole . i hope someone can advise me on what might happen on a guilty plea
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