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  1. Hi guys New to the forum - so please go easy on me Anyways - Having worked in retail for many years, I know a fair bit about shoplifting. Have seen it all - mostly videos by the shop security teams - and being committed by people with my own eyes. Anyways, a few days ago I was in the Manchester branch or T K Maxx. I was downstairs and was trying several pairs of shoes on. Long story short - I put the wrong pair of shoes back on the rack, i.e - the ones I walked in wearing - which I also purchased in the same shop, several months earlier. I had been interrupted by a phone call and was not paying attention when I made the mistake. I left the store and was stopped by a member of the store security who hauled me into their office and after verifying several of my details was told I would be hearing from their representatives through the post. Now the thing is this - througout my life I have always suffered with memory problems. When I was at school, it was bought to my parents attention that I may have Dysprxia. All of my symptoms (poor hand-eye co-ordination, attention span, memory issues, retaining information) pointed to the fact that I may have this disability. Against my better judgement, and the fact that I was too proud, I never sought to have it verified by a specialist, although several of my jobs have come to an end as a result of one of the aforementioned problems - jobs at Barclaycard and Ofsted - due to me not being able to concentrate and retain information due to my mind wandering. I have also missed appointments - leading me to being sanctioned on one occassion, again, due to my poor memory. So, even though it was an honest mistake - is there not anyway I can appeal my case? If the shoes had been tagged for a start, surely this would have helped - if the alarm had gone off at the door, then I wouldn't have left the store, and I could have sorted it out - yet been deeply embarrased! Any help greatly appreciated Thanks
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