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  1. Already done. The police record is not obtainable by me. But they said the insurance company can get this information if they pay a fee. The hospital report would be very useful, but not sure of whether this will be accessible (legally)
  2. Yeah, I've done that. They have just said that most appeals fail. I find it ridiculous.
  3. Hi, newbie here. Hope this is the right section. I was driving and someone ran out in front of my taxi. She ran out just a few metres in front of me and despite going fairly slow, and braking, I couldn't stop. I heard nothing about it, as the police report sent to me said she was ok and only had very minor injuries. Jump forward 2 months, I get a letter from my insurer saying that she was claiming for damages and injuries. It says that she is claiming 'I was driving without due care and attention'. My insurance company have been absolutely useless. I feel like I've been found guilty with no defense. The letter actually said that due to economic reasons, it's beneficial to accept full responsibility and pay out! I'm fuming, she was absolutely hammered drunk, and made a mistake, and I'm paying for it. I had 4 customers in my taxi at the time who saw it and are writing me witness statements, and I got a couple of other drivers too. The insurance company just cancelled my insurance! So I'm out of work too, to add to it. After I had some legal advice they have agreed to re-insure me at £5400. I'm doing all I can, but any extra help or advice would be very much appreciated! I've obviously googled things but almost everything I've found is just solicitor companies wanting pedestrians to sue the drivers. Any advice please?
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