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  1. Is this how my other half to respond to them
  2. Yes thats sounds like the company i think they are based in England.Yes im in Scotland and was reading up a bit on parking fines,i believe they got my partners details from DVLA which they shouldnt be doing handing out details to any tom dick or harry. I received 2 bus lane fines one night when i was in Glasgow for a wedding as im not from Glasgow and didnt know where i was going i accepted them seeing as it wasnt a private company and was from Glasgow City Council,I believe i did the right thing paying these fines. But dont believe having to pay Smart Parking.
  3. Just over 5 days holiday then I'm due,as I'm paid 12 hrs per holiday. Thanks for your help.
  4. Thanks for reply Come Sunday when i finish up i will have worked 534 hours if this helpsand i havent had any holidays yet
  5. My good lady was given a parking ticket for being to long in an Asda car park in Coatbridge Scotland by company called Smart Park or Park Smart, I believe this a private company and have been told to ignore this, i have since had a reminder, What shall i do next?
  6. My girlfriend left me in October last year to go to a rented accommodation property, so she took out the moving house with BT option to get it in new house. She was told there would be an engineer out to hook her up. She got email/text from them saying that there was no need as there was a live line to the house. Now that she is moving back with me she tried to cancel her phoneline as she no longer needs it. She's been told she started a new contract from when she moved to her new house and she will be charged so much money for this just because they flicked a s
  7. Are Consumer Money Matters in Leicster?? a ligit company. I was approached by them in August 2012 about ppi they got all the details and i let them get on with it since then ive had letters thru the post 3 times looking for more details and still havent been informed if im getting anything back from a previous morgage.
  8. Hi there im new to this site and it is of great use to mee.Look forward to posting on site
  9. Hi I work on a zero contract hour contract at the moment working between 55 to 72 hours per week,my holiday window is from 1st January to 31st December,I am leaving this company on sunday 16th February.Can anyone tell me how many holidays im entitled to when i leave.
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