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  1. thanks for all the advice, letter to them is in the post....
  2. Thanks everyone for your advice. The debt both Moorcroft and Robinson Way are chasing was a credit card debt, we only started paying again because CAB advised us to! Will send another CCA request to them, and yep it has come off our credit rating. Could you let us know is it still a £1 postal order you send with it?
  3. Long story short.. We entered an IVA Dec 2008 with joint debt which ceased in January 2010 due to not being able to keep up with the payments. Over the years we have heard from the following Hoist/Clarity/Moorcroft/Midas Legal Services (threatening Litigation warning)/Allied International Credit. On advice from Citizens Advice we started paying Moorcroft £5 per month, which we stopped around June 2014 after your helpful advice and then sent Allied International Credit a CCA letter with postal order for £1. We received an answer that they had requested the information fr
  4. You are truly wonderful people. These companies all seem to be complete chancers (being polite). Can't thank you enough will certainly contribute to the site, will update as and when. once again many thanks.
  5. Hi everyone, as suggested I am posting each of my debts separately so I sent a CCA letter to Allied International Credit regarding my Egg credit card (now Barclaycard), I should have received an answer by 22nd July '14 but have today received a letter on Barclaycard headed paper saying they have enclosed a "reconstituted copy of your agreement". it is saying that they are "currently unable to provide a copy of the terms of your credit agreement" and go on to say "they are therefore prevented from enforcing our agreement with you". However they also say
  6. Hi CitizenB No. 6 Alliance & Leicester definitely had PPI, not sure about the others. As for default/penalty charges we are unsure. As we have had no dealings with Alliance & Leicester, if we pursue PPI with them we are worried that by contacting them they will start chasing us for the debt. We are also worried that if we contact the others about PPI it will just start them all off as they seem to be quiet at the moment.
  7. Hi dx We have a letter that says Lloyds TSB sold and transferred the account to SP5 who are Haymarket Financial LLP and a letter from TTISPC (acting on behalf of SP5 segreated portfolio) PO Box 9674, Nottingham, NG1 5FS. Sent out CCA letters today to Nos, 2,4 and 5. Can't thank you enough, have come from a very dark place and now seeing a little bit of light!
  8. Sorry I have taken so long getting back but this took some time to get all info. Should we only send CCA letters to the companies that have contact us and have chased for payments? We do not obviously want to alert them as we believe one or two may become statue barred (6 years). I have listed below debts. 1. Lloyds Current Account defaulted 12/2008. Debt Assigned Aug 2012 CAIS member, sold to SP5/TTISPC, was paying Fenton Cooper £5 per month have stopped payments. Experian Report Balance Satisfied. Currant balance £3,459 2. MBNA loan defaulted 12
  9. thanks so much for getting back so quickly. am in process of getting credit files and will follow up your suggestions, will keep asking questions it that's ok.!!
  10. Hope someone can point us in the right direction. We have combined debts of 45K dating back to 2007. Took out an IVA in 2008, IVA failed March 2010. There are 8 separate creditors ranging from current a/c overdrafts, credit cards etc (all unsecured). We have been paying DCA's on some of the debts but have received letters from other parties asking for funds regarding the same debts. We have stopped all payments. Have checked credit reports and some say assigned, some say satisfied? We would like to find out the true outstanding amounts because we have p
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