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  1. Other than as I explained I visited this morning to print of the advice. Don't remember visiting it twice other than to do that. I also explained that I couldn't get a coherent report to post, and I was dealing with priorities that needed dealing with before I came back and explained what I could to you. Last night? don't recall than to shut down computer and forum may have been refreshed during this time. I have to say, that at this moment and last night if I accidentally visited the forum, my needs and feeling come well above your need to know what is happening. I hope you never find yourself, extremely unwell and subjected to that abuse and feel that your first priority is to contact a forum rather than think about contacting your family and taking care of yourself.
  2. I know you care otherwise you would not interact with me, but to say by the end of it I was so traumatised I could not even call either of my children who only live 2 miles away. They had unsealed my letterbox to put their hands through probably looking for a door key, and then went down the drive and were bashing or kicking a panel between the garage and conservatory to try to get into the back as he has keys to the conservatory still. He did not leave them when he left. I have just finished a police report and they will, within the next 48 hours go and see him and his wife. Sorry, but very tired and tearful. I need to go and rest for a while.
  3. I had been back, but unwell after last nights fiasco as I did not sleep and could not formulate what I needed to say to you. I am sorry that you think I was being discourteous. I certainly was not, and would have though that under the circumstances you would have been more understanding and given me some time to come back to you. I wholeheartedly appreciate your help so far. I had to email the builder to stop harassing me as phone calls went on during the night. Speak to the police and get a crime number who are going to interview him and meanwhile gave the advice to write a polite email in the format of cease and desist, and speak to MyBuilder who took a full statement regarding this guys actions. They are also no going to interview him with regard to his aggressive and intimidating actions and also about his false claim to belong to FENSA. They asked what I would like to happen to him, and I stated that I would like him removed from their website. They are considering this as it is possible they will take this action. I have also had to phone round to get someone to agree to come out and at least look at the guttering to see if they can do anything to improve it, or sort it meanwhile as he has also cut a hole in the external part of the soffit in which as well as the rain is pouring down the wall and conservatory side, is running internally in the soffits. It is all a bit too much for me I am afraid at the moment. I am waiting for the gutter company to come out, and trying to get a conservatory company to come and give a report, both for myself and the builder but also MyBuilder who wants the reports as well as the crime reference number. That is all I can tell you for now. I also came back as I needed to print of the advice so far.
  4. When I missed his call I was outside videoing the problem and then inside recording the noise it was making. I am not so worried about his demands now - unless he comes around getting verbal etc.
  5. I also forgot to put on the snagging list that the air bricks have been covered over. I am hopping mad at the moment as it is raining heavily and as there is no guttering the rain is dripping down the wall and landing on the bottom trim of the conservatory with a constant and rapid loud 'bang, bang, bang' this is outside my bedroom window. Just been out to check and come back in to see a missed call from this guy and at one minute intervals calls from 3 other unknown numbers. I can only assume as I didn't hear and answer his call, that he has got other people to ring for him. He is giving the benefit of his experience regarding Fensa in the question and answer section. In his profile advert looking for work it states: " We fit all aspects of upvc windows, conservatories, fascias, soffits, gutters and have been fitting for 36 years and have now level 3 NVQ and are FENSA REGISTERED" Just had a text from him saying he will get FENSA to come to my house to check the installation. This does not happen. He clearly is not registered and according to CAB - don't hold them particularly in high esteem, say that to claim to be FENSA registered when they are not is 'breach of contract'. He is demanding money by the morning.
  6. Right I am going to do that - text him which should make him sit up and think. As a member of Fensa, members are required to give an insurance backed guarantee. As you say it may well not be genuine in some cases, but I think I have learned my lesson, like everyone that gets caught out, too late. On the website I got his details from there is a section where people can ask questions and advice from ' professional' tradespeople. There was a question asked and answered by this guy regarding Fensa. I have managed to print his answer along with his profile stating he is a member. His answer goes as follows: "Fensa is needed for new windows, It was set up to stop a lot of cowboys miss fitting windows and then doing nothing about it. It is also passed on when you sell up so the new owners are covered for things going wrong and then you. as the customer, do not have to pay for this. This is peace of mind when buying new windows"
  7. I am definitely going to write a letter. Would it be acceptable to attach to an email for speed? I take all your points in writing the letter -thank you. Should I text him to request his FENSA registration number? To be honest, if he was registered he should have left a certificate and Insurance backed guarantee with the invoice. I have had windows replaced before, twice - no this property, and both times I got a Fensa certificate and guarantee certificate with the invoice. I would like to give him a chance in case even Fensa have made an error, though they say not. They say if he is registered he should be able to give me his reg number.
  8. Snagging list: 1: Not plastered. 2: New window fitting not complete as not sealed either side and remedial plasterwork to inside kitchen. 3: No guttering above conservatory to take rainwater from roof. 4: No new downspout in situ - as promised - to take water from the guttering not fitted. 5: Floor not levelled as promised. 6: Some of the internal facia boards not cut straight - wobbly cut with bits missing. 7: Some of the facia have gaps and not sealed. 8: Patio and driveway filthy and stained -will not wash away, needs power washing and then re sanding or grouting. 9: Rubble remains when promised would remove today. 10: Part of gutter from original extension removed and not replaced. I might just have to go over it to make sure I have not missed anything.
  9. Okay, thank you. I have to make a decision as to how to proceed and what to say and write to him by this evening, and I want to get it right. I don't want to sound like I am making excuses not to pay him either, if you know what I mean.
  10. Oh I see. The arrangement from the beginning was to pay via bank transfer. He also said he would have all the work completed today - plaster skim the walls and finish the window etc. The window is in position but not sealed in either side and also requires plaster skimming to the damaged plaster when he took the window out. I have come home to find an invoice which is incorrect as he priced the window separately from the conservatory but has added that cost on twice. FENSA requested that I contact him for his registration number..this should be somewhat amusing as not only if FENSA registered he is required to give me a certificate of compliance but also an insurance backed guarantee.
  11. Hi again, Just got back from the hospital and apparently the guy was here only for half an hour or so. Not skimmed the walls but received a text requesting payment for the work - unfinished by this evening and then he will come back and finish the work! You asked what the arrangements were for payment. As stated originally, the arrangements were payment in full upon completion and customer satisfied with the job. I have rang FENSA and he is not registered.
  12. You misunderstand. I am not frightened of giving them a snagging list and discussing it with them. I was worried about leaving it for them to read when I wasn't at home. They kept a set of keys to the conservatory so I cannot prevent them entering whilst I am away. They cannot get into the main house. The old conservatory had guttering as the existing downspouts are still in position although not connected to anything. The conservatory had damp proofing which was in good condition. I have a screen shot of their claim to be FENSA registered. I will come back later and give you the result of my conversation with FENSA but I have to leave now. I am going to call on my neighbour as I leave to watch for their arrival and departure. Cannot miss them, Van is massive. Thanks for your help so far.
  13. Sorry, I thought I had responded to your post of last evening. I have put together a snagging list...further to my post I now realise that they have also covered over my air bricks in the conservatory so there is no air brick to the extension and none to the main building at the rear of the property. I have taken photographs as suggested. I will call FENSA this morning to verify if in fact they are registered. If they are not, then Building Control has to be notified about the new double glazed window as I will need a certificate from them - which will cost me. In regard to the guttering, there currently is no guttering to my extension - as he has removed it, and none to the conservatory He said none is required, so it appears that he thinks the conservatory roof can act as the guttering. I did consider paying them about £4000 in part payment. After looking at the roof, where he said he would put a new down spout on and has now changed his mind, I can see why as there appears to be no room to put guttering back on the roof. Now in regard to the interim payment: I am worried that once I get the job checked and told that there must be guttering, this will possibly mean that the whole conservatory roof has to come off and the main structure adjusted or in fact come down and be rebuilt. The remaining 2 or 3 thousand pounds may not cover this. I am also going to the hospital before they arrive - 12 noon, and don't expect to be back before they leave 3.15. Would you suggest leaving the snagging list or will this inflame him? thanks
  14. Not sure that price is relevant. I had 4 quotes for the work. One higher, one lower and two the same in the middle. He was in the middle. I went with him as I felt more comfortable in his presence. It is only a small conservatory, 3 X 3 square mts. Consists of only two sides as the other two sides are the main bungalow back wall and the side wall of the extension. No base needed either as using the existing base and brickwork. £6,000 I got him through Mybuilder who I use for all my projects with no problem. He has two references with him who checked out, but smaller jobs. He has been in the business for 33 years and states he is Fensa registered. I have checked online and neither his name or company come up as being Fensa registered. Yes I should have checked before. I do have his card with name and address on it. Although conservatories do not require building control/regs, is this something I could ask building control to check for me?
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