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  1. Thanks for the advice all! I will sit tight and see what happens next
  2. The parking event happened in November 2014, the chase up letter was Jan 2015 (66 days later) and more recently the stronger worded letters...
  3. I responded to the first letter as generally the advice is not to ignore but I did ignore the subsequent letters, which maybe I shouldn't have done. I did read up on POPLA appeals but was under the impression that this was not an option as UKCPS are not members of the Approved Operator Scheme run by BPA - this may well have been an error on my part! If anyone can advise on what should my next move be I would really appreciate it
  4. Hi All, Wonder if you can help. Last year we parked in a retail outlet car park, which is 2 hour free parking. We went into the shops within the retail park but also to shops in a neighbouring park and on our return found we had been invoiced by UKCPS as we had 'been observed leaving site'; although we were only parked for around 90 minutes. I ignored the window sticker and awaited the first begging letter which arrived 66 days later so duly responded asking them to harass the driver of the vehicle and that I was under no obligation to inform them who that was. I, stupidly, tho
  5. Thank you all for taking the time to respond; apologies it has taken a while to get back on this.... I think, in all honesty, this is probably more of an emotional offloading than anything else, especially as she basically had to flee with her kids and take what she could so all of her sentimental belongings are still there, or at least we hope they are! In an ideal world we would like to limit damage to her credit file so it does not impact us but if we cant re-mortgage now its not a massive issue, we were just looking to take advantage of the unusually low rates out there.
  6. There are many things he should be jailed for, he has a list as long as your arm but just seems to get away with things, if he ends up spending time at Her Majesty's Pleasure in the near future we will use this as our opportunity but based on previous experience I doubt this will happen. He also has / had legal aid at his disposal which far outweighs our financial abilities. Not sure if this adds yet further complication but he has also moved his new partner into the house, should the above happen I am assuming that we can just kick her out as technically the house belongs to my wife a
  7. We did ignore the situation for a while in the hope that the bank would take the house back, although to get something out of it would be good for her as she paid the mortgage even when they were together as he was generally unemployed and when he did have money didn't contribute anything. Our main fear is that the house probably needs some TLC to make it attractive for sale and with him still in there we could never achieve this and lets just say we are not on speaking terms so even a joint effort is a no go....
  8. Its not as good as it could / should be and after speaking to an IFA he suggested that in the current climate when looking for a mortgage you need to be squeaky in order to get the best rates around. This is a bit of blot on her credit file and is a bit of over hanging 'mess' that we want to tidy up so we can move forward.
  9. Hi All, I have a bit of a complicated issue....at least on the face of it is seems it! My wife moved out of her then marital home some 9 years ago on the advice of the domestic violence unit and for a little while she continued to pay the mortgage while her soon to be ex stayed in the house. After a while we bought a house together (due to her on-going issues with her ex I bought the house in my name) and we couldn't afford to pay both mortgages so concentrated on our new family home assuming that the old house would soon be re-possessed (even though there is a goo
  10. Thanks to all for taking the time to respond. Am I right in thinking that I should just ignore this notice to keeper letter and wait to see if they chase it up? The only reason I ask is that there are a lot of 'don't ignore' messages across the Internet now as a result of the changes that came into effect at the latter part of 2012. I am confident this one can be 'put to bed' I just don't want to miss any crucial opportunities and make it harder for myself Thanks once again!
  11. To add some further information, the car park was a free parking for up to 2 hours at a retail park and apparently the driver and passengers were seen leaving site and now they are asking for £100. Total time on site was no more than 90 minutes and although it is alleged that driver/occupants were seen leaving site the shops were frequented and a purchase made....
  12. I have received a letter from a parking enforcement company (UKCPS). I am the registered keep of the vehicle and this is a Notice to Keeper type letter; however it was received 66 days after the alleged parking 'event'. Am I right in thinking that this is an infringement of the PoFA 2012 as it should have been received within 56 days and therefore there is no keeper liability? Any advice on the best way to contest this would be greatly appreciated, or any templates I can use? Thanks!
  13. Based on your advice dx, I called the Courts and they confirm that they have also received a Notice of Discontinuance and that the case is cleared. I guess there is nothing to stop Lowells passing this 'debt' on to someone else though?
  14. Just a quick update for you..... I got my defence together and got it all sent away to the Court and to the Solicitors and today have received a 'Notice of Discontinuance'! I cannot tell you how relieved I am and how grateful I am for all of your support on here....I could absolutely not have done this without your help and guidance. A special mention to Andy who has always answered my questions, no matter how inane they may be, thank you! I will be donating in due course to ensure this resource remains available in the future! Just one more question, where does this now leave m
  15. Ok Andy, I will make a note to mention this when the time comes. With regard to the defence can you give me a starting point please? I am not sure what we have in the way of evidence as we never got a Notice of Assignment and never got anything useful back from the CPR 31.14 letter either. All I have to call on is the lack of anything concrete to suggest the debt exists or that Lowells have any legal right to claim it. Do I need to write a Witness Statement explaining all of this?
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