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  1. Guys all your comments have boosted my confidence, but My freind is quite upset of her mistsake and she wants to finish it once. So she is still not sure, and wants to pay it and stop it completly, so if she does so then what proof she will get that she paid the incvoice
  2. Appreciate your reply Rebel and Silverfox..... My Freind says that they took the card probably to note the name on it as she did not have anyother ID card alongwith. Anyways we would be leaving this house in a month as already we had planned for the same. We are shifting in the same locality. Is it possible for the RLP team to track our address as well and start sending post to my new address. What would happen if reply stating address changed, would it be ok and they stop sending posts
  3. Thanks for your reply Dx. so what rely do you want us to send to RLP if they send me mail. I dont want them to keep sending notices and my landlord viewing it.
  4. My freind had offered to pay them immediatley as it was done by mistake. But they did not accept it. Only left was my freind was embarrased and said more time she wastes more will be consequences and would end up paying a years salary.
  5. Hi All, of my friend went to Boots today, she had purchased perfumes of aroung 40 £. She paid for 40£, she got a Boots bag but she felt she missed something so went to perfume location again and took two more perfumes which were costing around 60£ and was to pay for it, but issue was she kept the perfume in the Boots bag, She was in some other thoughts and went near the doors. As she went near the doors she was asked by security officials to stop and was escorted to the Cabin where she found two ladies and 2 security gaurds. As she is new to UK she was not aware what was happening and got afraid. She was questioned on perfume bottles and charged against her that she tried stealing it. and they said it was recorded in CCTV. She informed them that she was not aware of it and apologized for the same. But they did not listen and threatened her to sign a paper and if not signed then she will face consequences and gave her RLP contact details on a paper and said she would get letter for RLP in a week. she was asked for her address and her debit card details and banned her coming to Boots back. Not sure if they had called police as she was not able to understand what were they talking. We both are roommates and we both havent slept for second day now thinking what would happen next.. I saw the blogs. wanted to confirm what should we do Should she pay to RLP If she pays would they not send the letter again and what proof she gets of payment made. we are due to go to apply for Shengen visa , would this affect the visa application. Will she have any Police record against her because of this. We are leaving UK in next 6 months. will it affect her work and will she be asked to leave from work. Will boots take action against her and police will get hold of her. Will RLP keep her record and will it affect my coming to UK again on work permit affect. I am going to call RLP and check what they do if money not paid. please give me answer as I and my freind are very afraid as we are new in this country.
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