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  1. That is what I did over a year ago when they first contacted me. There doesn't appear to be any extra interest being added on. The original judgement was nearly twenty years ago now and there was no mention of interest being added. Gerry
  2. Hello all, This is my first post and I'm after reassurance more than anything else. First the basic outline of the story. I had a debt with Yorkshire bank for a loan. Due to circumstances beyond my control I got into a situation where I couldn't pay it correctly. After a while they took me to court and obtained a judgement against me. I paid this religiously until a few years later they passed this over to Moorcroft debt collection agency. Moorcroft were great and collected the payments in full until the full sum owed was paid off. there was no short settlement I paid the full amount to the penny. As some will know, getting a millstone like this from around your neck is a wonderful feeling. Imagine my shock nearly a year later when I get a letter from Mortimer Clarke saying they own the debt and I owe them £2800. I have had no contact from them prior to this, If the debt had been passed to them I would have paid the monies to them, it would make no difference to me who got it as I was paying much more than the agreed amount and paid the balance in full. I have full documented proof of payments going right down to zero balance, these people keep phoning me and telling me blatant lies about how they have just had a charging order put on my house at christmas and if i don't pay i will risk loosing my house. I have sent them copies of all documentation and recipts but they still persist in harassing me. My response to them now is that I owe them nothing, I have never heard of or dealt with their company previous to the letter I received nearly a year after the debt was discharged and that if they think they can get any sum from me the only way is for them to take me to court. Can anyone offer any advice please? No time is a good time to deal with **** like these but I have a serious heart condition, I lost my son two years ago and this is making me feel very ill. Thanks in advance Gerry
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