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  1. Unfortunately a little to early for the stature bar, I am thinking I will send the second stage letter for non receipt and enclose the original letter and postal order with it to the solicitor and a further copy to the courts. At present there are no further updates showing on mcol from Northampton but I'm hoping I can get that retracted and the company are up to their usual standard for supying the docs.
  2. The last payment was approximately December 2008 but may be as early as August 2008
  3. Hi, The credit report shows : Credit card from arrow global limited defaulted 02/2009 start date 04/2004 , this record has no information with regards to past payments and the original details from credit card company do not show on the report. Record last updated 03/2011
  4. The claimants claim is for £10,*** being monies due from the defendant to the claimant in respect of a regulated credit card agreement between the defendant and capital one and assigned to the claimant on **/02/2011, notice of which has been provided to the defendant. The defendant has fallen to make payment in accordance with the agreement and a default notice has been served pursuant to the consumer credit act 1974 The claimant claims the sum of £10,***
  5. The issue date on the claim form is 27th jan 2014
  6. Hi, Many thanks for your response, the only thing I have submitted is a copy of the letter sent to the solicitor requesting the cca to Northampton court, I have not responded directly to the ccj in anyway and have not submitted via mcol. I will type up the full details this evening when I have the paperwork back in front of me. To date no judgement has been made.
  7. Hi, the debt was originally a credit card debt for just under £11,000 to capital one, the dca is arrow global represented by wilkin chapman solicitor. At this stage the ccj is in the claim stage and has not been judged, having received the claim form from the Northampton ccbc which I replied to with a copy of the original letter sent to the solicitor in question. To date I have no response from the court and the return letter from the solicitors informing me they are not dealing with it because a claim has been issued and returning the £1 post
  8. Hi, I have recently sent a cca request to a solicitor working on behalf of a dca and received an immediate reply that they were unable to deal with the request and returned the £1 postal order because the ccj claim has already been issued, I also forwarded a copy of this letter to Northampton court , please let me know where I stand with this one The debt in question has been dormant since 2008 Many thanks
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