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  1. No the email was received 8 days before the HCEO visited! Discussion was had with the HCE group rep who refused to adhere to the clients request on the email without a visit.
  2. Thats what I’ve asked dodgeball to do ! just provide some clear next steps that Baz can follow and complete which will stand some chance of helping him? As there’s conflicting advice on this thread now Thanks brassnecked
  3. So factually what would you suggest the OPs next action steps are? Given that the citizens advice also suggest submitting the N245 form, which is only a £50 cost. if the fees have been fiddled what is the best way to address it? the OP has been advised on this thread to submit the N245 but you’re saying this could be costly with little chance of success? So based on your own experiences , knowing the costs are incorrect and the client has accepted a payment arrangement in writing already , before the HCEO attended - what would you suggest the OP does now? Als
  4. Thanks so to follow on ... what would you suggest the OP does? What routes ref returning the case to court would be appropriate in this instance? are you not suggesting to submit the N244- would doing that be futile for the OP in your view? Is it incorrect to suggest putting the N244/45 in to stay the writ and vary the order? Would it be appropriate to put it to the courts for an assessment of fees in this case? It seems the fees allocated aren’t in line with the fed outlined in correspondence and are about £200 over the permitted cal
  5. Please can you state where in the legislation it says that in order to enter a payment arrangement a visit must be undertaken? the supporting document was sent pre-legislation and I cannot find anything in the actual law that outlines this! The document you’ve linked to is not statutory guidance but a memorandum and does not hold the same weighting as the enacted law.... Can you advise the part of the law that states a visit is a must? Particularly where the client has already written to and instructed the agent to accept the payment arrangement pre-visit?
  6. There is a return of goods order which has been suspended. Moneybarn are telling me if I don’t pay these fees then they will take the car. I’ve got three months left and can’t currently pay the remainder off. moneybarn are saying the account won’t be closed until every last part is paid off. do I pay then reclaim back to stop them taking the car? im so fed up with this company now !
  7. Moneybarn are still trying to chase collection agents fees ! the agent did not collect the vehicle and Moneybarn continently have “ lost payment”! I am literally months away from finishing my agreement and they seem to be doing everything they can to get the car back at this stage. they are taking an act now as we want and deal with the consequences later approach! Theyve added £342 now in “default sums” which are the fees their recovery agent have charged them for not recovering the car!!! They are trying to add these to my account! how do I best tackle this?
  8. Ok trying to move this forward. just got a statement with £260 agents fees added even though they have no collected the car! Am I right in thinking this is illegal? Moving forward is it best for me to submit an N244 with the court to try and stop them taking the car and for these unlawful fees? Could somebody advise what it is I’m asking the court to do as I don’t want extra time to pay as the account is up to date but I don’t want them taking the vehicle because I’m refusing to pay these agents fees! could really do with some help
  9. Well that would be ideal but it sounds like I don’t have much ground to pursue this from Andys response !
  10. Thanks Andy. so the previous post is now a little out of date ? i imagine proving they’re unlawful is the tricky part and wouldn’t be worth pursuing? i have done the SAR! thanks
  11. Is that the only response and I apologies but I couldn’t find my old thread! And it’s a slightly different question although related to the same company! the last thing I’d like to do is make a mockery of people’s good will!
  12. I have been looking at my settlement figure for Moneybarn as I’m thoroughly sick of them and want to just get rid! my agreement ends in September so I will be clearing the finance 4 months early. upon requesting the settlement figure I noticed that they have not given me any discount and still want the full interest amounts up to September! ( the agreement did go into default and there is a court order in place) - Is this legal? ive also noticed they’ve charged me 16 lots of £18 fees over the course of the agreement too! Is this also legal? i read on an
  13. Thanks guys. What’s the best way to tackle this and fight back?
  14. I posted a while back about moneybarn attempting to repossess my car again and I have no idea what to do!! There is a suspended order in my place and payments are up to date! Got a letter on Friday saying they’ve instructed Burlington to take my car and I need to provide the keys and logbook! I’m 6 months off the end of my finance agreement end date. Why are they doing this? How do I stop them as my payments are up to date! Are they allowed to just take the car like that? I could put in a request for a time order but I have no idea why I’m asking for one as I do
  15. the plot thickens! This gets more and more confusing by the day! I hope in some way my ordeal might help others going through similar! So, on the same day I received one email saying my account wasn't on hold pending complaint then later had another email from a different staff member saying after consideration it was on hold and apologies for any upset! Today I received a text message from MB saying that they had terminated my contract following expiry of the default notice!!! I have not had a default notice in over a year , not since before it went to court! Any idea w
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