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  1. I posted a while back about moneybarn attempting to repossess my car again and I have no idea what to do!! There is a suspended order in my place and payments are up to date! Got a letter on Friday saying they’ve instructed Burlington to take my car and I need to provide the keys and logbook! I’m 6 months off the end of my finance agreement end date. Why are they doing this? How do I stop them as my payments are up to date! Are they allowed to just take the car like that? I could put in a request for a time order but I have no idea why I’m asking for one as I don’t need extra time , I just want moneybarn to go away and stick to what they agreed! Any advice - I’ve no idea where to turn !!!
  2. the plot thickens! This gets more and more confusing by the day! I hope in some way my ordeal might help others going through similar! So, on the same day I received one email saying my account wasn't on hold pending complaint then later had another email from a different staff member saying after consideration it was on hold and apologies for any upset! Today I received a text message from MB saying that they had terminated my contract following expiry of the default notice!!! I have not had a default notice in over a year , not since before it went to court! Any idea why they might be sending this now? Is it possible they didn't issue a termination notice previously ? It says to call them about keeping the car .... I've told them several times I will only communicate in writing! This whole thing is getting ridiculous now! Am I able to complain to the FCA or do I have to wait for MB to finish their complaint? So confusing !!!!
  3. Just the once from what I can gather! I don't have it on a statement , just in an email saying they are owed. Is it possible to go back to court and change the date on the order ?
  4. It seems that even with the court order they can just take the car back whenever they like - even if there are no arrears on the account ! Debtors don't have a leg to stand on!
  5. They keep trying. He came last weekend but nobody was home and the vehicle was not accessible. They are sending another agent now as I complained about the conduct of the previous agent. Should I submit a time order to the court? I'm not sure what I'm asking extra time for as there are no outstanding payments ... only the recovery agents fees! I'm sat here shaking! A delivery guy just came to the door and now I'm a nervous wreck !
  6. no not yet. Can I put it back through the court do you know? my immediate priority is to make sure they don't take the car as I rely on it to do my job. Thanks
  7. Please can somebody tell me what to do next? There are no arrears outstanding on the account and despite saying that if the account were brought up to date they would cease recovery , they are now saying they still want to collect the vehicle! Can somebody tell me what I am to do? The complaint has been escalated but they are insisting on still sending agents and are saying I have the vehicle without their consent ! Is there anything I can do? Please help ! I really can't afford to lose my car. Tried to contact courts but nobody willing to give advice! Any good solicitors I can contact? Thabks
  8. Ok they're back!! The whole matter is now in the high complaints department being investigated ! Payments are up to date now ( except these fees that I shouldn't even be charged as he hasn't recovered anything!).... I was told the account was on hold as I requested to change the payment date to the 27th and Moneybarn said they could not do this until the complaint had been investigated! I went out today , returned home to find the agent had been back today to get the vehicle! Tried to call Moneybarn to find out what the heck is going on and of course they are shut! So it seems they are saying one thing on one hand and doing another on the back ground! The anxiety is making me ill, I don't want my neighbours knowing my business, I don't want him turning up to my job! Is there any way I can tackle this through the courts? With such little time and cost outstanding , I will not give up the vehicle for them to make more money and leave me heavily out of pocket and no car! Oh and it wouldn't let me change the payment date online either Please help - it's really starting to affect my health
  9. thanks Andy - worried if I don't pay fees they will still take the car. Is there a way I can get the courts to change the date on the order? I was so overwhelmed at being in court alone I wasn't able to request it at the hearing. Also the recovery agent is continually texting me and threatening to go to my work to find me. Moneybarn have had a payment , why do I need to liaise with him? He's very persistent and in view of the website I assume he's trying to recover irrespective so that he gets paid. How do I make him leave me alone? Thanks so much again
  10. Andy are you able to Outline in laymans terms what you think the next steps should be? What do I do with the last information you posted. It might also help others reading the thread to have this simplified. I am most likely going to pay recovery fees too just to get rid of the horrible mess - it doesn't sound like I have any legal grounds to contest any of it. Interestingly on their website it states they have a no recovery no fee policy. If this is the case I will be asking them to clarify why they are charging me? Thanks again
  11. I've asked for his full name but he's refusing to disclose it. Company is wrights recoveries
  12. Thanks Andy I did attend the hearing but was unaware of any of this so didn't know to raise it! I've had the civil enforcement officer on the text this morning threatening to turn up at my work if I don't hand the car back today! I simply cannot have him coming to my work! Has he got the powers to do this?
  13. How do I address this then? Aren't those fees outlined in the terms and conditions I signed up to though? Thanks so much again
  14. think I've managed it ! I've added the last statement of account which was used to obtain the return of goods order - this outlines all the costs and charges they were claiming. I am still awaiting an up to date statement. Thanks again Amanda MOneybarnupload.pdf
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