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  1. Thanks for your reply I purchased it from trading post appliances & I,ve just looked & they,ve gone bust,
  2. I am furious with hoover candy & the muppets that are working for them, I bought a baumatic dishwasher not too long ago & it has become faulty,S baumatic have been bought out by hoover candy I rang them for assistance & over the phone the lady told me I needed an heating element which was £51 so I purchased it, To my surprise when an engineer turned up at more cost he fitted it to the machine & said it was not the fault & my old heating element worked fine, 3 days later I rang hoover candy to explain the situation & I wanted to return the item under there 14 day return policy & have been told I can,t as it has been used, It has never been used as machine is broke & I,m £51 out of pocket & engineer costs, Hoover candy are saying I should of asked for an engineer call out & they would of fixed it, I would of done if the lady on the phone hadn,t of been flogging an heating element of which I didn,t need, Now they won,t take it back for refund & they are asking for £120 for another engineer callout ,Muppets
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