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  1. Hi all, I've had a letter from capquest saying they have taken over a debt apparently owed me, from arrow global. I just threw it in the bin. Anyway, I received another letter from capquest today. It tells me that I owe £3110 to HSBC. And I can pay £310 over three months to clear it. I guess if they are offering this kind of discount, it's basically unenforceable? I had a HSBC account in 2000?
  2. Hi thanks for the reply, I have informed the FOS with the email I received from Experian. FOS are still trying to speak with the person who is dealing with this at Cabot. But, they have been unsuccessful
  3. Hi everyone, I'm back again for some advice. I complained to the FOS about this Vanquis default which is now owned by Cabot. I soon heard back from the FOS who said after speaking with Cabot they have agreed to remove the default. The FOS recommended that I accept their offer as it was the outcome I desired. Naturally, I agreed and signed the acceptance letter. I was told it will take 4-6 weeks for the default to be removed. 6 weeks passed and the default had not been removed. I contacted the FOS who in turn contacted Cabot for an update. Cabot
  4. Hi everyone, Ok, I have received a final response from Cabot with regards to removing this default. Obviously, they have said 'no chance' but I remain adamant that if Vanquis had updated my address (and not just documented it on their contact log) I would have received the notice and remedied the breach within the statutory 14 day period. In all honesty, I am tired of all this letter tennis with Cabot. So, I have given this subject a lot of thought and feel my only option is court. My next question is, does anyone know of any solicitors that would be willing to take this on. I have t
  5. The default I have on my credit file is from my previous address. The address they claim to have sent the DN, TN and NOA. Now since then I have moved home twice. Cabot has updated the default with my new addresses each time I moved, making it look like I have defaulted at each new address. Surely, the default marker should be registered on your credit file at the address where you originally defaulted and not continually updating it at each new address? Any advice guys?
  6. I will send the question off and see what kind of fobb off letter is returned. Hopefully I am reading it correctly, in that it clearly states in black and white that if I change address then I can notify them in writing!
  7. Hi everyone, Its been a while since I posted here but I think there may be a development in my attempts to remove the Vanquis default. Just to briefly sum up the situation. I have been attempting to remove a default issued by Vanquis Bank, now owned by Cabot. when I moved home I sent Vanquis a written request to update my address details. Vanquis failed to complete this request but documented it on their communications log that I had provided a new address, they were unable to contact me, no further action was taken by them. I had no access to a person
  8. Usually you would get some kind of notification to acknowledge receipt. I have received nothing. Not surprisingly it's Cabot Financial
  9. Hi, I sent a letter to a DCA who have purchased an old credit card debt asking them to remove the default. I also sent solid evidence as to why the default should be removed. However, a week has now passed with no response. Could someone give me some advice on the next letter I should write or possibly a template? Thanks Eagle
  10. Do you think I could use this as an argument for default removal?
  11. Vanquis sold my credit card debt to Cabot. I've been looking through the contract and it does not say it will be sold to a debt collector. It only says we may instruct a debt collection agency to assist us. There is no mention of selling the debt?
  12. Hiya, Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately they had everything. CCA, default notice etc. they way I look at it is it's done and dusted now. I'm going to flip the coin now. These people are uneducated idiots, so, I'm going to call them everyday until my file shows settled. They have ignored my 11 emails, but they can't ignore my phone calls.
  13. Hi everyone, On 01 April 2015 I paid Cabot in full for an old credit card debt. The debt still remains unchanged on my credit file. I sent Cabot 11 emails asking when the CRA's will be updated. All 11 emails have been ignored. I disputed the debt with Experian and Equifax. Cabot informed Equifax that the debt was settled in full on 18th April 2015 when in fact it was 01 April 2015, and said it will be updated in May. I eventually called Cabot previously Marlin, and the advisor states they update the CRA's on 25th of each month. [removed
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