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  1. Can a bank back-date a default on your credit file? I put my account with them in dispute in July but they have put a default on my account in August. (Which they aren't allowed to do). The thing is that I checked my credit file in October and I didn't see a default on there. Can they do this or am I going mad? They have also said that the default is settled, even though I haven't paid them anything.. They have made a complete dogs dinner of it.
  2. Thanks. One little question though. As they are so desperate to settle I thought I might be cheeky and try and get contractual interest. Can anyone advise me how to do that as the spreadsheet I have only works out the 8% interest. Is there an FAQ somewhere?
  3. Well it's been a long road but I am just about there with Barclaycard. When they refused to send all of my statements I took them to MCOL for not more than £5000 and got a court date of 20th of December. After much lying and deception on their part they have rang me today to offer to settle in full, including all interest and court fees. The court bundle must have given them a kick up the backside! They are sending all my statements today, by next day delivery, and they will send me a cheque for the amount I work out when I fax them my spreadsheet. So for anyone gettin
  4. Thanks. Let's see what they make of that one. I can't accept a full settlement if I don't know what the full amount is.... They know they are going to have to get my statements to me pretty quickly or else it's going to cost them!
  5. I got an email today with the ICO's decision that the Microfish is a relevant filing system. I believe there is a copy of the email on the forum somewhere.
  6. I have got a court date of 20th of December and Celyn Evans from the legal team rang me last week. She wanted to settle on the same terms as yours so I have sent them this letter - Dear Celyn Evans Thank you for your offer of £495, but I must inform you that I will not be accepting this offer I have repeatedly requested copies of the statements for the period between 1st of August 2000 to 30th of June 2004, that you failed to supply to me despite a formal written Subject Access Request under the Data Protection Act made on 23rd of June 2006, and have complained to the ICO
  7. Just a thought but would there be any point taking it through the courts again for the £12's ? A different judge would probably refund it.
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