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  1. I have recently bought a house. It is an end terrace with parking to the rear (private land for which I pay an annual ground rent of £215). My house had been vacant for a few years before I moved in and the next door neighbour had used the space at the rear of my property to park a broken down car. When I moved in I approached the neighbor to move the vehicle he said he would have it removed within 2 weeks. 4 months have now passed, the car has not been moved and the neighbour refuses to answer his door to me. His car is parked so close to my gate that I cannot get my bins out past it and have to drag them out through the house to the front of the property. Where would I stand legally if I paid for a recovery truck to move the car away from my space (only a few metres of movement)? Any idea of another course of action? I had initially thought it could be towed due to expired tax but as it is private land I understand this is not possible. Please help.
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