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  1. So around 2 weeks ago I told my boss i was looking at moving jobs and would be leaving soon, he was fine with that and wished me good luck. However the next day he made me a counter offer which i accepted at the time as it was more money. It was on the condition i didn't go to an interview i had arranged for the next day, or any in the near future. Long story short the company i had an interview with told me they would beat my current offer providing i Interviewed well. I did, and they offered me a job! Which im going to take, as some of the opportunities they offer for progression and training sound amazing. So now im in the position where i need to tell my current boss i am leaving, even after ive told him im not!! Any advice on what to say and keep it professional. I would still like to leave on relatively good terms. I do realise its selfish of me, but i think when it comes to your career you need to be a bit selfish every now and then.
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