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  1. lucysmummyx

    WTC Cut!!

    I had a look on the letter, it says my provisional payments are the same as the first ones, and it appears it is the childcare element that has been cut where those costs have not changed, as my CTC, CHB, and WTC are all together £5 less than I pay for my childcare?
  2. lucysmummyx

    WTC Cut!!

    And sorry, 14/15 will be the same as 13/14!
  3. lucysmummyx

    WTC Cut!!

    Thank you :)My 12/13 income was benefits - income support at a rate of about £70 p/w and CTC & BC at a combined rate of £80.13/14 I have earned about 12,500 in total, I think they will hold it as I have earned around £15,000, as that would be the 'pro-rata' but as I am agency employed my take home was less, as I only get paid for hours I physically worked.
  4. lucysmummyx

    WTC Cut!!

    Hello,Looking for some urgent help, HMRC unexpectedly cut my WTC by £40 per week, I received no new award notice. I obviously phoned them, and they told me this was my interim payments, they have guessed what I earned last year (obviously highly incorrectly), and I will be able to sort it out with my renewal. I asked if I could do my renewal now, then, to which they said no, not till I get the pack in the post.The only problem is, I have had a financial statement done (prior to this cut) my MAS, due to being in difficulty, and after I pay all my ESSENTIALS, such as council tax, rent, food, uti
  5. Thanks for reply, I just called their complaints department, and they have said to me that their internal processes are up to 5 working days, but generally within 3. I said the FCA & the FSA advise differently, and they still said they go on their own internal processes and there was nothing further they could do today. What should I do next?
  6. Hi there, Wonder if someone can help me - I just noticed my bank card missing (from this morning) and called my bank right away, long story short there had been £130 in unauthorised transactions. They have said they need to look into it and someone will contact me in 5 working days, however this is not really good enough as I need the money back now! I had a look online and from what I can see, apart from the first £50 which they can hold me liable for, the bank must refund this immediately? Is this correct? I just want to make sure be
  7. Hi all, Thanks for the replies, really helpful. Sorry, I mean on the numerous times they have attempted to collect payment when they have failed they sedt a message to say 'We have been unable to collect payment'. They also state in their T's&C's they will never take money from your account without telling you first, and as I mentioned before he is unaware how they can possibly be saying the amount due was as much as over £500, the loan was £120 about 3 months ago, they have made no contact with him other than the failed payment texts - and the inte
  8. Hi there! Looking for some urgent help, while in a financial mess my partner took out a payday loan from Clear Account about 3months ago, for £120. When unable to pay it back he didnt cancel the CPA (I did tell him to!) but he just made sure all of his wages weren't available for them to take. This morning, he didnt manage it, and they have completely emptied his bank account for over £500, the bank have been totally unhelpful, even though I would say this payment as being unauthorised (they have not contacted him in any way apart from a few texts to say they coudln
  9. Hi there!I am an HSBC customer have been for a couple of years now, agreed that the bank charges can be unfair sometimes and a little excessive but suppose as a customer you are aware of these things, and when I go over my agreed overdraft I know I will be charged, but I'm always notified in a statement from the previous month. E.G I would receive a statement in mid January 2014, which was detailed from 5th Dec - 6th Jan, and I went into unauthorised overdraft x times and will be charged x on 27th of Feb.BUTI have been charged £75 (!!) this morning, excessive in itself, and I have received abs
  10. Hi there,Wondered if I have any argument with HSBC as they havent notified me of charges which were taken from my account today? They genuinely have not sent me ANY letter, I have had bank charges a couple fo times before and I don't fuss paying them if I have been told about them, but they really havent this time, do I have any rights with regards to it? If I dont then so be it but would like to know as people on the phone seemt o be adamant I dont!Thanks
  11. Thanks so much :)They definitely didnt try to deliver anything to me, he said 'I'm here to speak about your council tax', maybe he expected me to invite him in for a cup of tea I don't know. Will wait to hear back from the council anyway, they have sent me a few letters threatening this that and the next thing but with it only being this years which I am liable for I really dont know where they are coming from...
  12. Thanks so much thats a great help I will do so - to be honest I don't really feel like communicating with Scott & Co whatsoever, I'm pretty sure they must get these kind of complaints often enough (or maybe it was just me!!) and don't do much, I have submitted a complaint to the council already but again I guess they'll just fob me off, although you never know I might be surprised. .RE the letters I definitely havent had anything saying they were acting on a court order, but I have never heard of them turning up at someones door before either, perhaps it has be
  13. Hi there Looking for some advice.. .I received several letters from Scott & Co, ref council tax (I live in Edinburgh). I'm a single mum and only went back to work in May 2013 (I do temp work through agencies mainly so was on income support prior to going back to work), one of the apparent debts owed is for period 2012/13, in which I wasnt employed and was receiving housing and council tax benefit, the other is a charge of £700 or thereabouts for this present year, which I am not in dispute that I owe, but the debt built up due to an outstanding housing
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