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  1. Hi All A little feedback from CCJ situation. Son went to court today and the other party failed to show and had written to the court stating that the were not persuing the action. He was told that the debt was statute barred and he will have proof in the next 2 weeks. Thanks for all replies
  2. Does anyone know if the debtor the claim having the last payment date as Nov 11 to get the CCJ when the actual date was Aug 07 would be enough to succeed in a statute barred claim or could this be ignored by the judge? Is that rule set in stone or can it be ignored by the courts if they want to? Thanks
  3. Thanks, I am not going to do anything until my son is in contact with me. I returned the to the claimant because he doesn't live here and they asked me to do that. I didn't sign or even read them properly. I have been telling them for ever that he doesn't live here. It looks like the last payment was in Aug 07 so maybe they are a bit late and it would be Statute Barred. I don't know what you mean when you say his chances are not good for judgement to be set a side and then later that he should try for stature barred a set a side. do they need different approaches? If he wants to say the debt should have been statute barred before the CCJ what would he need to do and how quickly? Sorry for all questions x
  4. A letter came saying it was going to court came a few weeks ago, I rang MKPD and told them he hadn't lived here for years, they said to send the letter back ti them they would update their info and not write here any more
  5. I have a letter with Judgement for Claimant on the left and a ref no on the right. Down on the bottom left corner in N30.
  6. Thank you, They have a judgement from court. Can only think they lied in order to get that as last payment was 6+ years ago. Son will be in contact at some pint soon so will have to wait and see Thanks again for reply
  7. Hi All Excuse my user name it was all I could think of. I have just had a CCJ through in the name of my son. He took a bank loan to pay a tax bill and then didn't pay it back.. He has not lived here for 12 years. I have told MKDP on numerous occasions and sent back correspondence to them. They always said they would remove this address from the database and I wouldn't hear anymore. The debt is more that 6 years ago and he did not make any payments. I phoned the court who told me the debt date is 2010. This is not possible and I can't understand how they MKDP have come up with this date. It is definitely wrong and no payments have been made in over 6 years. Can they do this? Will the CCJ show on my address/on his credit file for the next 6 years? If they have 2010 as the date will it go from then even tho that date is wrong. I luckily have no debt and I am not advocating his non payment I just thought there were rules and it would seem not Thanks in advance
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