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  1. Thanks for responding dx. It appears that they paid by debit card unfortunately and yes it does appear as though the design is already done ie from a catalogue and you just choose the specifications which are best for you.
  2. My Father-In-Law purchased a Rise & Recline Chair but upon delivery found that it hadn't been made to the specifications. The matter was raised immediately with the delivery man and the chair was taken away. The relevant part of Clause 7 of the company's "Condition of Sale" states "The company warrants that the goods will correspond with their specification at the time of delivery". I cannot see any reference to what would actually happen in a case where the chair isn't made as per the specifications. Can anyone advise me please if he would be entitled to a full refund. He has no wish to have any further dealings with the company as he also ordered a bed from them and the mattress is the wrong size for the bed so that is another matter he is trying to resolve. As a result, he has just lost complete faith in the company and wants a full refund for the chair. He has spoken to the company since it was returned and there are some signs that getting a refund from them may not be an easy task. My Father-In-Law is very unwell and this matter is causing a lot of distress so any advice is very sincerely appreciated. Thank you.
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