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  1. Sorry but are you saying that you do the same work (leave aside type of contract) for less pay than others in same job? If that's correct then my understanding that this is illegal? Can someone correct me there?
  2. Solicitor has said that it is too late to contact companies and solicitor will prepare defence, I have spend the day hounding the lad and he is sending the letters tomorrow once he has postal order, at least the non receipt of replies will be in advance of the deadline for filing of a defence
  3. He has only gone and got advise from a solicitor who has advised him NOT to send the letters Raging is an understatement
  4. Not yet no, have told him to wait a few days to maximise the time we have to prepare the defence against the claim
  5. Found and told him to post that off first thing in morning, again registered post
  6. This is not one I have come across yet? will have to search Cabot Financial (UK) Limited 1 Kings Hil Avenue Kings Hill West Malling Kent ME19 4UA Drydensfairfax Solicitors (The Trading name of Drydens Limited) Shire House 2 Humbolt Street Bradford BD1 5HQ Now attached
  7. I tried posting a link but as I am new I cant, there is information about the crowd on Collactive learning.com under Skillstrain Refund and they approached him under their train for trade name. Unknown, have told him to post that off first thing in morning Yes have told him to do same but experian wanted £15, is there any better value places? I was using young in a broad way, he was over 18 (barely) at the time of the original contract. I also suspect that fees and interest were added by Cabot (still waiting on the original amount of the debt) which to my understanding these are also unenforcable?
  8. Hi Guys Trusty google put me in touch with you guys regarding a friends "claim" from Cabot He was approached about a year ago by them for a debt from 2009 / 2010 from a company that didnt supply the goods regarding a training course (plenty of posts on google about that company as well!) in addition to having been pressurised into taking on the course / debt while he was depressed. Unfortunately being a young lad none of the paperwork from them exists any more. At some stage last year he was advised that his debt had been sold to cabot and subsquently received two payment demands from them which he ignored. The next thing he heard was receiving a Money Claim online demand. I have some questions and I would be grateful if people could help me get himself sorted. 1) I have advised him to send a CCA request tomorrow as per other similiar threads on this forum, however I am confused as to how long they have, is it 12 + 2 working days or 30 days to reply? 2) Are they required to send a notice of intention to act before sening court papers? 3) he intendes to contest the claim, if 1 is correct and they do not supply the CCA in time can this be used as a defence in the case? 4) any other advise that I should give him (Indeed anyone that has defended similar claims in court and can advise me to help him put his case together I would be grateful. Incidently Cabot Financial (UK) Ltd appears to have a net worth of -6.6million according to Duedil, is this not trading while insolvent?
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