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  1. No, I had it recovered to BMW as the dealer is about 130 miles from me, I called BMW to see about good will and then contacted citizens advise they said to contact the garage as BMW have no legal obligation, and state sale of goods act.
  2. It's not yet been repaired only diagnosed, it's sat with BMW waiting on the outcome of this, I contacted BMW originally for good will, they originally refused until I got in touch with the managing director of BMW UK then they offered 50%.
  3. Yes, they have been informed, he was originally saying I have no rights after 6mths, I went away and called Citizens advise they said to send the letter but I'm waiting on the report, I called him back and said what BMW said and citizens advise, he then stated he would get his legal team to look at the letter when he gets it.
  4. Does this look ok? Complaint about faulty goods I bought a Motorcycle BMW K1200R registration xxx from you on 02 November 2012. I paid £5100. I now find the goods have the following fault: The Cam chain has snapped and bent the pistons requiring an engine rebuild at the cost of £4258.72 plus £177 for diagnostics totalling £4435.72, BMW have stated the cam chain requires no service nor is there a schedule to change the cam chain and certainly shouldn’t break at 23264 miles, I have only covered around 4000 miles on the bike over 14 months, this isn’t of reasonable use. BMW have agreed to pay for 50% towards the costs of the parts (not labour), how-ever BMW have stated this good will gesture will only be valid the month of February 2014, the quote of repair is included and a copy of the bill I have paid so far for diagnoses. Under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) goods you supply must be of satisfactory quality, be fit for purpose and match their description. As there was a problem with the goods when I bought them, I request that you repair the goods at no cost to me. I have enclosed a copy of the receipt, estimated repair costs and independent report in support of my claim. Please respond within 7 days of receiving this letter. Yours faithfully Should I add both business owners in the letter or just the main guy?
  5. Hi, I just need to know that what I’m doing is correct? I bought a motorcycle 1 yr and 2mths ago, the cam chain has snapped and caused £4300 damage, the manufacturer has kindly said they will pay 50% of the parts, but have also stated it’s a lifetime part and shouldn’t snap, they are writing this in a report for me, I’m sending the garage I purchased the bike from a letter stating the sale of goods act, saying I would like them to pay for the repairs as I’ve only covered 3-4k miles on it and haven’t had reasonable use, now the manufacturer has stated the offer is only available until end of Feb, do I tell the garage owner this in the letter or is this pressuring them? Also do I address the letter to both of the owners as there are two, husband and wife? The bike has only covered in total 23k miles and has a full service history, I’m also including the £177 it cost to diagnose the fault in the claim. What’s the likely hood of me winning? He’s gone from saying I don’t have a leg to stand on to send me the details and I’ll speak to my solicitor, do I have a good case? Sorry first post is a question. Cheers
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