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  1. Do you think I could get this added as a printed sticker rather than bin the £60 plates ?
  2. Was pulled over today for speeding , I wasn't speeding but thats why he said I was stopped , Talked a bit and then he said he wasn't going to do me for speeding and then proceeded to check the whole car over , Found noting up until he decided to write me a ticket for my numberplate not having the BSU markings and the postcode from where I bought them from , I told him I have never heard of this and that the plates were bought online and thats how they come , Correct spacing and font but no markings , Very very petty but what's my chances in court for such pettiness ? Thanks
  3. You are right , I don't understand the law and assumed you did but upon checking with someone who does , The bank !!! It seems you don't either , The difference is I did not make out I did
  4. https://www.chargebackgurus.com/blog/dont-run-out-the-clock-understanding-chargeback-time-limits#How-long-do-I-have-to-respond-to-a-chargeback I have just spoke to my bank , not the one that i had a chargeback with and they have said the merchant bank has 30 days by law to dispute any chargeback , once 30 days have passed then they can no longer make any dispute , when I mentioned 6 years she actually laughed , So with no fear of getting banned from this page I can now say the 2 people who commented on my post DX100UK and BANKFODDER have no expertise in anything and [edit] speakers of this site , [edit] knows how many people they have given [edit] advice too but I suggest anyone that listens to them finds out from other people who actually know what they are talking about , Cheers , Peace out
  5. Ok well I won’t argue with you the terms and conditions say otherwise take car and thanks for replying
  6. So what would be the point in the 30 days then confused.com thanks for you’re help
  7. Sorry to keep on I don’t understand why the visa guidelines says 30 days but then you say 6 years thanks
  8. You are saying they have 6 years to claim the money back , Are you sure ? That seems a very long time
  9. Regarding a charge back , We was advised by the UK not to leave the country a few weeks ago so I called Ryan air to ask for my money back for a flight , I was told that they dont do refunds unless they cancel the flight I then called the bank and told them the flight had been canceled and asked for a chargeback on my visa debit , the money was refunded to me straight away but I obviously lied and the flight still went ahead without me or my wife on it , My question is this , Can Ryan air dispute the charge back and also how long have they got to dispute it as its already been 2o days since the charge back , Thanks
  10. Hi everyone and thanks for letting me join , Im looking for some advice , I recently tried to get a buy to let mortgage and also get my current mortgage cheaper per month as I was now on the variable rate and wanted a fixed rate again , I paid a financial advisor to set it up for me , The buy to let didn't go through due to me not having enough cash for a deposit I then said can you continue with the product transfer , They have now offered me a 5 year fixed rate for about £50 a month cheaper but want me to sign a form that says my current mortgage provider will pay them another £300 in commission , Is this right as paying a fee and then having the bank pay commission adds up to over £700 Thanks
  11. Hi everyone , Here I am again seeking your waive wisdom in the world of people trying to get hold of others hard earned cash I recently had a fine through the door for going in a bus lane in Swindon , I was not the driver but my son was so I passed this fine onto him and he had 30 days to pay , He then had quite a nasty motorbike fall whilst out with friends and is now recovering in hospital , I though this fine was all paid and sorted £30 Today I receive a letter stating that it has not been paid and has increased by 50% to £90 , Not sure how £30 goes to £90 with a 50% increase I called the number and spoke to a very unhelpful lady who also had no idea how it goes from 30 to 90 with 50% increase , I told her the story and would it be possible to pay the original £30 in regards to the circumstances , I was told no that this is not possible and to wait for some sort of letter too come through the door and then get a solicitor to sign it , Too be honest I have no idea what she was talking about, Has anyone had anything like this and is it just easier to just pay the increased fine of £90 , Daylight robbery , The bus lane in question has even been on the news and still continues to rob honest people of making the mistake of going in the bus lane thinking its the way to the car park for the shopping centre on Penzance Drive
  12. I would imagine the chats are saved there end so they could check that I don’t have any chat log myself to go back on
  13. Yes the Apple MacBook was purchased here in the uk from new no i did not get an email About the recall but heard about it i contacted them about it and was told on the online chat that if it was holding charge then it would be fine to carry on using it until I had time to bring it in for the recall I suggested i would bring it in over the Christmas period as I would not need the laptop for work and it could take up to 2 weeks for the repair
  14. No it wasn’t turned on and just closed in sleep mode I hope they see it for the serious matter it was and not simply replace items thinking that will do attitude
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