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  1. thankyou for your observation, as I wrote in my first post I am new to this.
  2. Thankyou, just logged in ,and relieved that I did as was going to ignore it as suggested yesterday.
  3. ok Thanks, only just logged in . Now need to compose a letter, which I believe G24 must recieve before 8th February?
  4. Will keep you up to date when I next hear from them.Thankyou.
  5. Thankyou . I shall get a goodnight 's sleep at last!!
  6. Thankyou f16, the notice was addressed to me as the registered k eeper, but they state that they do not know the name or address of driver. They then go on to say that under the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012. i am required to a] pay the outstanding amount if I am the driver. b]If I am not the driver provide the full name and address of the driver and pass the notice to them . c]Make a representation against the issue of the parking charge.etc etc
  7. Hi, i am new to all this,so please be patient with me. Well I parked at Sports Direct car park in St. Helens on 2nd January this year and received a contractual parking charge notice dated 9th January on the 13th. They want me to pay 100 pounds as I was longer than the permitted 60 minutes. I arrived at dusk and left in the dark and didnt even realise it was limited to 60 mins,as I was looking on what was the manned booth when it was the DIY store, and there was nothing on the booth. I parked right round the side of the old DIY store . Browsing through artices from 2009 to 2013, the genera
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