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  1. I made a couple of payments at the beginning of the debt in 2008 but it then defaulted late 2009. The second default got put on in 2012 for some reason. So does this reset the 6 year rule and am I right in saying then that even if I pay in full immediately the default will remain? Thanks, Robert
  2. Yes its for a mortgage. Its been flagged up by my own bank when I enquired about one. Just need to get it off my file and wonderin.g if entering a payment plan or just settling in full would achieve that. Thanks, Robert.
  3. Hi thanks for the reply, No I've not got any statements. The debt began in 2008 and then according to my file it defaulted in September 2009 and to be honest my filling schedule was non-existent at the time. I don't even have one of the letters from Lowell to hand just now as I think the last one I got was a year and a half ago. On the report under type of debt it says 'Mail Order' and I know it was probably littlewoods or kays but i'm not 100%. They've also spelt my name wrong when they've put it onto my file.
  4. Hi all, Not sure if this is the right place to post so feel free to put me right. Just looking for some advice about a catalogue debt i've owed for roughly 4 years. Can't even remember what catalogue it was to be honest but the debt was about £240 although this has been bumped to £360 once Lowells got their sticky paws on it. It's been showing up as a red default on my file since 2010 (although there's a second DF added under one of the months in 2012, don't know why). i don't dispute i owe money to whoever it is and i'm now in a position to start paying i
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