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  1. I self represented myself at an employment tribunal against a top employment law barrister. During the case I was certain I had won as upon cross examination my employers witness admitted the same offence had been committed by other employees and they had been given an 'off the record' talking to. It was also admitted that I would of been aware of the employee handbook after my final written warning. (due to the fact that's when I received it) Well to cut a long story short the judge hasn't even put any of this in his verdict and said that I would of been aware of the rules. He even stated I had a previous verbal warning which I didn't. The case was completely changed to private use of a company vehicle when I was dismissed for not taking proper care of my vehicle resulting in someone using my vehicle without my consent. How do I stand now? What contributes to error in law? Im now out of my depth but trying to get any form of legal help with limited funds is near on impossible. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  2. I self represented myself at an employment tribunal this week for unfair dismissal. After the closing submissions the judge decided that he had ran out of time and would send his decision in the post. I am now totally confused as to how he will award compensation if I do win. How will compensation and mitigation etc be argued between myself and my ex employer? Can anyone clear this up for me as it wasn't made clear so now I am left thinking that as it wasn't addressed I must of lost the case.
  3. Thanks, it is quite confusing but I have on paper been offered employment with 3 different companies but the training is a waiting game. The fact that my ex employer missed 1 of my training deadlines and I had to wait 7 months for training would be a perfect argument over this. Obviously I am continuously chasing these companies up in regards to training dates etc but no start date can be confirmed until this training is complete. I cannot see what more I can do in regards to looking for work, apart from going into a completely different field of work which would be difficult due to lack of experience etc
  4. I was paid the minimum wage during suspension. No where near what my normal wage was and even though I disputed it several times my requests were ignored. Also periods of suspension were dragged out for months on end for no real reason. As for arguing my loss I cannot see how they can I have emails for all the jobs I have applied for and I am waiting for the next available safety training course which could take months. I cannot do my job without this training.
  5. As of yet I have not got another job, unfortunately due to the nature of m job I have to have safety critical tickets and these lapsed 1 week after dismissal. To renew these I have to have a sponsor (employer) as the cost is quite high its alot more difficult to get somebody to employ you although I have applied to all the relevant companies in my field of work. So far I have been unemployed 5 months. The respondent has not given me a schedule of loss I asked for my job back and compensation on my ET1 And this is my first ever post on here and it has always been unfair dismissal. I am just unsure of what to claim on the schedule of loss as all this started after my employer blackmailed me and I raised a grievance. Since that time I have been picked on continuously and they have tried to dismiss me on a few occasions. I have lost thousands of pounds in earnings due to suspension etc
  6. Yes I have made a claim and this is for a schedule of loss. And no they have not asked for further and better particulars.
  7. Ok thanks very much so that means I cannot include 'injury to feelings' in my claim
  8. Sorry I don't really understand what you mean, I have submitted a claim for unfair dismissal.
  9. I have a date set for a tribunal hearing for unfair dismissal and have to submit what I am claiming for. I am self representing. My employer singled me out and called me in for every little thing to try and dismiss me for over 2 years after I raised a grievance because management had blackmailed me. On my ET1 there was no boxes to tick to say I had been victimized/discriminated against or harassed other than for racial/sexual/age etc which obviously wasn't the case as i didn't fall into any of these categories. I did put in the notes that I was singled out and punished over things every employee was doing and management ignored this fact. Now my question is can I claim for any damages because of this? Will the tribunal pick up on this and award me damages or do I just write off the way I have been treated and claim for loss of earnings etc
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