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  1. Thanks for that Sol, I'll write a letterof complaint to letthem know I'm watching their charges now and see if they stop it. Have a great day!! Lush
  2. Hey everyone!! Sorry I've been away so long, had taken my eyes off the ball for a wee while...... But have found that they're at it AGAIN!!!! Since I successfully reclaimed my charges from the RBOS in 2007 I decided that I'd spend tonight reviewing my finances and checking bills and statements etc, and when going through my bank statements have found that since July 2007 they have charged me £28.00 on top of my Royalties subscription fee onto my statement a total of four times.......aaaarrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Do I rant and rave or write complaining to them, where does the law stand on setting about claiming again?? Lush
  3. Morning all and great news, I posted my LBA out as scheduled asking them to consider my case as a harship case, on Saturday I received an offer to refund the full amount of my claim including interest!!!!! I've to sign the form and I will ask them to not credit my card account but to credit my hbos bank account instead........so will wait and see how long it will take them to pay up! A great big thank you to you all for your support and help in this case!! Ppxx
  4. Well, that's the LBA finally ready to be posted out on 18th, so will see what response will meet it!!
  5. Thanks manic, I'm sure that it will speak volumes!!!!! Here I go!!!
  6. Hi Manic I wonder if you could possibly help me with my claim, I was going to state a hardship case aswell for my claim agains Halifax credit card, I'm going to do in income and expenditure sheet, but am having a blank about what to say to justify my argument with them as a hardship case, do you have any ideas??? Thanks in anticipation
  7. Thanks Tilly, much appreciated, will work on that today and have it ready for sending out on the 18th!!
  8. Can anyone tell me if there are certain categories for 'hardship' cases, I know that this will apply to single parents, people on benefits etc, but I am not a parent and have employment, and find it extremely difficult to continue getting charges on my card account..........I have a single income to pay my mortgage etc and am unsure whether I would qualify for a hardship case.....does CAG have a list of categories for this?? If so,I'd really appreciate if you could point me in the right direction.....thanks in anticipation
  9. Hi Tilly Good to see you too, thanks for that, I will send my LBA on 18th April and see what happens with that!! Fingers crossed thistime!!!
  10. Well, I've left this claim slide due to personal and work commitments and circumstances but the final straw was earlier this year when they started charging me late fees again and I had been making my minimum payments of £5 and they changed the minimum payment to £10 without notifying me........so I've resurrected this claim and sent a preliminary letter asking for it back on 04 April, received a letter back from Halifax dated 8th April stating: " With reference to your recent communication about fees and charges on your account, we regret that you have found cause for complaint. We are keend to deal with your concerns as quickly as possible. I have asked for one of our Complaints Advisors to investigate the points you have raised and you will receive a response from ous within four weeks, in-line with Financial Services Authority regulations. We will of course, endeavour to replay to your complaint as soon as possible." I'm unsure if there has been any change in the way that HBOS credit card deals with these complaints since July last year (when the refused to settle), and was looking to see if I should still send an LBA on the two week anniversary of my prelim letter or wait the four weeks for HBOS to respond?? Could anyone advise please???
  11. Cheers T4FF Had a smile a mile long when I got it!!! Thanks for all your help Lush
  12. Hi Alpha Many thanks and hope you enjoyed your break and also your money!! It's hard work spending it I tell ya!! NOT!! Still working on the HBOS for my credit card charges so they now have until the end of this month to get a response to me for my charges so still playing the waiting game!!! Watch this space!!! Lush;)
  13. Have just sent an email and letter to HBoS asking for progress on my claim as I haven't heard a thing from them since their last letter....I'll post it tomorrow recorded delivery aswell just for the belt and braces effect and to continue to be a fly in their ointment. Their 8 weeks will be up on 01 August so we'll see how and when they respond!! Lush
  14. I didn't have to go that far, as the RBOS offered me my charges back, however, that is the address where I had been sending my correspondance to Sandy Watt. Hope that this helps. Lush
  15. I will, and again thanks moneyhelp, I couldn't have got this far on any of my accounts without all of the support from you guys on this site, you guys are guru's!!! I think I'll celebrate a wee bit tonight and properly at the weekend (well I didn't get the name theno1lush for nothin'!!!!) Lol Lush
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