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  1. just an update that £300 quote was only if i paid it in 28 days however i couldn't afford that so they say the total loan amount is something like £480 i cant remember the exact figure but have agreed to pay £20 for the next 6 months where they say they will then review the loan and aslong as i have kept up with the repayments they will discount the loan i am a bit skeptical if this is true or not but guess i will find out i think i have done the right thing just hope they will keep to there word
  2. i borrowed £200 on 01.03.2013 and i have paid back £36 in total but to tooth fairy but black water is still counting that payment towards my debt
  3. Hello, as im sure were all aware and happy to hear about tooth fairy has finally been taken down. How ever i now have black water asking me for money they have contacted me 3 times once by text asking me to contact them, once by email saying i owe the £464 and then they phoned me last night saying they will clear the debt if i pay £314 within 28 day now we all know how much they paid for the loans book and even stated i knew this information to the person on the phone how ever he dismissed what i said saying they still had to cover there over heads ect. and unfortunately £314 is the lowest they will accept and even if i spread that payment out over three months the total payment would reach over £600 i said this isn't acceptable given what i no about the log book being brought for 7.5% im tempted to just say i will pay £50 and that is it as they still make a profit but scared about being brash as im not sure what there debt collectors may be like i did discus about paying £100 but he then said that he couldn't do that as my original loan was £200 and so i would be making money from toothfairy please someone give me some advise as i do have mental health problems and finding this matter hard as there isnt much info about them or there powers as there where with tooth fairy thanks in advance Danstaa
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