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  1. Thanks, I've just been looking through old credit reports that I've kept and there is nothing on there showing last payment date. Is it best to wait until it disappears from my credit report before taking action, as I don't want it to reappear on my credit report for another 6 years!
  2. I had a credit card with I think Citibank, which I defaulted on due to not having a job. This debt has been 'sold' to Cabot and this is on my credit file as an open account, and they are reporting each month as default. First question, the debt default date was 07/06/2008, so I am presuming that this will drop off my credit file in July this year 2014? As this will be 6 years from default and I have had no correspondence with Cabot about the debt or even acknowledged it. Next question, this debt has been passed on to Mackenzie Hall to chase and I go through phas
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