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  1. UPDATE The car was brought back tonight and she has booked it in for an MOT for Friday just make sure it's all safe and roadworthy, the tyres they have put on are all winter tyres though ( probably what they could find down the scrap yard lol ) Will update
  2. Hi need some advice So the garage have put on more old tyres ( winter ) which should be summer tyres as nearly every person in the UK has on. Moneybarn won't answer any emails or calls and have just sent her an email saying that now it's all resolved they are closing the case ! Not sure what to do next as how can they think it's all resolved when she doesn't even have the car back ?? What a nightmare, Moneybarn are awful to deal with. What's the best thing to do next? This is what money barn have sent her and told her to collect the car: I hope you are well. I have had confirmation that your vehicle is ready for collection and the points below have been addressed: 1. Tyres - The vehicle has 4 winter tyres now and they all meet the required tyre standards. 2. Clutch - the mechanical inspection found no problems with the clutch. 3. Knocking noise at front of car whilst driving - This was related to the wheel arch issue (point 5). No more knocking noise present. 4. Warning light for trye pressure sensors - TMPS sensor has been replaced and all warning sign is no longer present. 5. Hole in wheel arch and plastic hanging down - This has been fixed by replacing the relevant wheel arch component. 6. Cracked registration plate - The nature of crack is minor, and the number plate meets the required standards. 7. Doors rubbing causing rust - No faults were found here but the plastic trim has been adjusted. Please make arrangements to collect the vehicle as soon as possible. As we have a resolution in place, I will now be closing your complaint and I will send you a final letter in due course outlining my findings. Kind regards Laverne Complaints
  3. So the garage have done the following and emailed the below to her ( why they have put 4 used winter tyres on i have no idea ). Dear XXXXXX The vehicle has been checked and the update is outlined below. Any faults found with the vehicle has been fixed. 1. Tyres - The vehicle has 4 winter tyres now and they all meet the required tyre standards. 2. Clutch - the mechanical inspection found no problems with the clutch. 3. Knocking noise at front of car whilst driving - This was related to the wheel arch issue (point 5). No more knocking noise present. 4. Warning light for trye pressure sensors - TMPS sensor has been replaced and all warning sign is no longer present. 5. Hole in wheel arch and plastic hanging down - This has been fixed by replacing the relevant wheel arch component. 6. Cracked registration plate - The nature of crack is minor, and the number plate meets the required standards. 7. Doors rubbing causing rust - No faults were found here but the plastic trim has been adjusted. We believe the vehicle is now ready for handover. Please contact the office for collection. If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact us. Kind regards, Ameen Sales & General Enquiries Nawaie Motoring|Printing House Lane| Hayes |UB3 1AP She has replied to them saying that the tyres should be normal tyres all round and told them to deal with Moneybarn as its their vehicle and not hers. This is becoming a complete nightmare ! Thanks
  4. UPDATE: So the garage who have the car are saying they will replace the tyres with "good used" tyres or new tyres could be put on but she would have to pay 80 pounds. She has told them she is not paying any more money out and asked them to give her a written list of everything they have done to fix the problems.....as of yet she has not heard back from them. Moneybarn who seem to be in some sort of twilight zone have now given her a complaints person to deal with who sent this : I write further to our acknowledgement letter of 14 October 2020, confirming that I have been allocated to investigate your complaint and detailing our complaint procedures. Unfortunately I have not been able to complete my investigations into your complaint at this time and therefore I am unable to issue my final response. I would respectfully ask for additional time to investigate this matter fully and report back to you. However, I will ensure that my final response is issued within 56 days of receipt of your complaint, as per our Complaints Procedure. If for any reason I am unable to respond to you by this time, you will have the right to refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service. If you have any further information you feel would be pertinent to this case, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at [email protected] Yours sincerely, Laverne Sibbick On behalf of Moneybarn Complaints So she is waiting to see what the garage says next really.
  5. Update The garage collected the car today. 2 people arrived and one of them drove it back, thought they would of used a flatbed. See what happens
  6. Quick Update So Moneybarn have gone silent again and the garage have now decided to pick the car up and repair the faults ( which should of not been there in the first place ). Email they sent below so see what happens: Thank you for providing the information. We would like to collect the vehicle from your address this week. You will be contacted to confirm the time and availability. Once the vehicle is collected, we will then assess your claimed faults and repair any faults identified with the vehicle. Please note that we are not able to provide courtesy car as our insurance underwriters do not cover loan cars. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us. Kind regards,
  7. Moneybarn have now sent her this and want to send an independent inspector but after the reading the reviews about them they sound dodgy as well lol. Below is the email do we just agree to the inspection? Further to the agreement stated above, we understand you have had some issues with your vehicle- we are sorry to hear this. We are currently investigating the matter and will update you accordingly. If you have any evidence such as images or videos etc of the issues reported that you can provide us this will be helpful. Could you please confirm location of the vehicle as we need to arrange an independent inspection to before we can take next steps. Please confirm if you are happy to share your contact details with our independent engineers- ACE- (Automotive consulting engineers). We look forward to hearing from you so we can proceed with next steps. Kind regards Complaints Team Moneybarn
  8. Hi Moneybarn have been no help with regards to an update , every phone call to them leads round in circles with whoever answers the phone telling her due to covid all the complaints team are at home with no phones. She emailed the garage that sold the car ( replied within 1 hour ) they are telling her to drive it to a nearby garage to get a quote for the tyres and he will " try and authorise the payment". My friend then wrote back saying she can't drive the car as the mileage has been noted and there are other problems that need addressing......no response from the garage. Does she just play the waiting game with Moneybarn? Thanks
  9. Everything is now sent off, also contacted Dunlop and Continental tyres who have sent an email to us stating that is it very very bad practise to mix summer and winter tyres They also said the asymmetrical one which is the wrong way round needs immediate attention. Car is parked up unused and mileage written down and captured and sent to them Just waiting for Moneybarn to get back now Will update
  10. So finally moneybarn has come back and sent her an email of which she has to answer a lot of questions. The garage again has fell silent. This is what money barn has put to her and said they will get back in 4 weeks and they still wont let her talk to a complaint person, seems like they are proper giving her the runaround : Thank you for contacting us about your complaint. We are sorry to hear you have experienced problems with the vehicle; we will do all we can to support and assist you in resolving this matter. We have logged a formal complaint and will investigate the situation fully for you. We can also confirm that we will be making your broker and dealership aware of the issue. Due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, we’re not sending complaints correspondence by post currently. For the safety and protection of our staff we’re re-routing our resources so we can support our customers via email. If you would prefer this information via post, please let us know. You can still contact the Complaints team by email at [email protected] if you want to add any additional detail or request an update. Please bear with us as we investigate your complaint - our current resolution times may be longer than usual and we may be reliant on information and guidance from third parties. In general terms, the Consumer Rights Act 2015, requires a vehicle to be free from defects within the first 6 months of purchase (or delivery) not including wear and tear or cosmetic issues. If an issue is reported within these timescales, then we will liaise with the broker and dealership to facilitate a repair in the first instance, if the faults are deemed to have been inherent or developing at the point of sale. They are entitled to one attempt at repair, unless the complaint is raised within the first 30 days, so please refrain from having un-authorised third party repairs completed, as this will remove your consumer rights and Moneybarn and the dealership will not be liable to reimburse your costs. Your complaint is currently being reviewed and will soon be allocated to a dedicated Officer for review: What do you need to do next? We want to resolve this situation as quickly as possible and to your satisfaction. To help achieve this, please send any information and documentation you feel will prove useful to our investigation. Below are some useful examples of documentation you may be able to provide which could significantly speed up our resolution of the situation: Important note - Please ensure you send us copies of any documentation by email rather than originals via post as we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to return original documents to you. In the meantime, it would be helpful if you could provide clarity to the following questions please, so that we have all the relevant information, to assist with our investigation. • What issues are you currently experiencing with the vehicle? If applicable, please provide any breakdown/recovery or diagnostic reports. Additionally, any of the following will also be useful if you have them: A Vehicle Health Check or Inspection Report Photographs of the issue(s) (if applicable) Repair Invoices (if applicable) Correspondence with the supplying dealership or warranty company and any further updates you’ve received from them • When/where did the issues occur? • What is the current mileage of the vehicle (please provide a photograph of the odometer)? • Is the vehicle currently drivable? If not, what alternative transport are you currently using? • Have you contacted the supplying dealership? If so, what was their response? • Has any work been carried out on the vehicle? If so, what and who. Do you have any paperwork or job cards, from this work? • Have you had any costs associated with the issues? If so, how much and what for? • Did you raise any issues with the vehicle at the point of sale? • Did you purchase any warranty with the vehicle? • Please can you supply an address for the vehicle’s current location, and a contact number for the garage if necessary? • Should we need to get an independent inspection carried out, at our cost, to gain clarity of liability, please can you give me your permission to share your contact details with the inspection company? • What is your desired outcome of the complaint? What will we do next? Once your complaint has been allocated to a dedicated Officer, they will carry out a review of your supporting documentation and complete a thorough investigation. We will contact and work with the supplying dealership and broker (if applicable) to resolve this matter as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our aim is to write back to you within 4 weeks with initial findings. However, if we need more time to investigate your concerns fully, we will write to you at the 4 week point to confirm that. Our final response to your complaint will follow as soon as we are satisfied that we have all of the information available to make a considered and unbiased decision. For full details on the process and timescales, please see the “Complaint Handling Procedure” leaflet attached. Please keep making your normal monthly payments Please remember that while we investigate your complaint you need to continue making your normal monthly payments to avoid any arrears building up and to ensure your credit record isn’t negatively impacted. We hope we can resolve this matter to your satisfaction and appreciate your patience during this process. If you need to get in touch, please contact us using the details confirmed above. For your information, our office opening hours are Monday-Friday 9am to 5.30pm. Otherwise, we look forward to hearing from you soon with the additional information and documentation we’ve requested. Yours sincerely The Complaints Team Complaints
  11. We are deciding to try and take it back to them tomorrow to let them have a chance at repairing it but have just had this email from them saying no courtesy car.......if i drove it for her which i don't really want to do would that be then playing into their hands ? "Thank you for your emails. In the event when a customer is not happy with the vehicle then as a company, we are happy to assess and inspect the issues reported. Based on the outcome of the inspection, any defects will be repaired. All works to the vehicle is communicated. In order for this to happen we require the vehicle to be dropped off to us. If you do not wish to drive the car then you can recover the vehicle to the London branch. Unfortunately, we do not have the option of a courtesy car. Resolving any claims with the tyres should be a very quick turnaround once we have the vehicle dropped off. Please have the vehicle dropped back to us and I get the inspection booked in for all the faults you have claimed. Lastly, could you please provide a snapshot of the current mileage. We need this information for the claim. If you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact us or respond to this email" What claim would they be talking about? Do they just sell dodgy cars then claim from some warranty if the buyer comes back ? Really not sure what to do here as Moneybarn just seem impossible to reach out to.
  12. Moneybarn are being really difficult with regards to getting her a case manager and keep telling her there is no one there. Would we be foolish to give the garage a go at repairing the faults at this stage? Thanks
  13. The garage finally emailed back only saying for her to drive it to their garage to look at, but how can she when the car is faulty and in such bad condition with regards to dodgy tyres that her insurance would be invalidated. Moneybarn are being a pain now, said their complaints team are at working from home and can't answer any phone calls so becoming very difficult to actually speak to anyone that deals with complaints. Anyone know the best course of action to take seeing as Moneybarn are obviously making things as difficult as possible.
  14. Hi thanks for the reply Name of car dealer "Nawaie Motoring LTD" Hayes London She purchased the car on the 20/08/20 Also the hire car would be coming from them not from Moneybarn so I can't see that happening. Again thanks for the replies it really is appreciated.
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