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  1. Hi Moneybarn have been no help with regards to an update , every phone call to them leads round in circles with whoever answers the phone telling her due to covid all the complaints team are at home with no phones. She emailed the garage that sold the car ( replied within 1 hour ) they are telling her to drive it to a nearby garage to get a quote for the tyres and he will " try and authorise the payment". My friend then wrote back saying she can't drive the car as the mileage has been noted and there are other problems that need addressing......no respo
  2. Everything is now sent off, also contacted Dunlop and Continental tyres who have sent an email to us stating that is it very very bad practise to mix summer and winter tyres They also said the asymmetrical one which is the wrong way round needs immediate attention. Car is parked up unused and mileage written down and captured and sent to them Just waiting for Moneybarn to get back now Will update
  3. So finally moneybarn has come back and sent her an email of which she has to answer a lot of questions. The garage again has fell silent. This is what money barn has put to her and said they will get back in 4 weeks and they still wont let her talk to a complaint person, seems like they are proper giving her the runaround : Thank you for contacting us about your complaint. We are sorry to hear you have experienced problems with the vehicle; we will do all we can to support and assist you in resolving this matter. We have logged
  4. Thankyou, will get that over to them and see what they say.
  5. We are deciding to try and take it back to them tomorrow to let them have a chance at repairing it but have just had this email from them saying no courtesy car.......if i drove it for her which i don't really want to do would that be then playing into their hands ? "Thank you for your emails. In the event when a customer is not happy with the vehicle then as a company, we are happy to assess and inspect the issues reported. Based on the outcome of the inspection, any defects will be repaired. All works to the vehicle is communicated. In order for this to happen
  6. Moneybarn are being really difficult with regards to getting her a case manager and keep telling her there is no one there. Would we be foolish to give the garage a go at repairing the faults at this stage? Thanks
  7. The garage finally emailed back only saying for her to drive it to their garage to look at, but how can she when the car is faulty and in such bad condition with regards to dodgy tyres that her insurance would be invalidated. Moneybarn are being a pain now, said their complaints team are at working from home and can't answer any phone calls so becoming very difficult to actually speak to anyone that deals with complaints. Anyone know the best course of action to take seeing as Moneybarn are obviously making things as difficult as possible.
  8. Hi thanks for the reply Name of car dealer "Nawaie Motoring LTD" Hayes London She purchased the car on the 20/08/20 Also the hire car would be coming from them not from Moneybarn so I can't see that happening. Again thanks for the replies it really is appreciated.
  9. Hi all My friend purchased a 2016 ( 4 years old ) Toyota yaris in good faith from a dealer. She used 2k from her savings and the rest was using a loan from Moneybarn. She was told the car was mechanically sound ( she know nothing about cars). The car after 6 weeks has the following : 1.Tire pressure light on or flashing and cannot be reset. 2. A Local garage ( not the one purchased from ) has noticed that the tyres are a mix of summer AND winter on the wrong corners. 3. One tyre is 8 years old another is 6 years old
  10. Went back today. Was point blank refused a refund, i didn't record it as my son is away. Not sure what steps top take now, but they are a very rude and arrogant outfit. Oh and also they said " we sell more of these than we get complaints so head office wont do a thing about it" Also when i said i wasn't told about the marks when purchasing it he replied " well that's like saying a table has only got two legs" Awful store, never ever again.
  11. Thank you again! Any advice is much welcomed. Unfortunately my husband payed cash which means they have the upper hand to begin with I assume. Lesson learned already and we will get a credit card to buy any goods over 100 pounds in the future.
  12. Yes that's what I thought, trust me in one of these people that demands perfection especially in a wood product but the people I have shown it to all agree that is not attractive at all. I will try and post some more pictures tomorrow and will update the thread as I know they wont back down at all. Again thank you for the help/advice it is really appreciated.
  13. My argument is that a dining table is where people eat, so when i invite guests round they will see the marks and comment on them. The marks do not look nice or attractive to me at all, to me it looks like the table has been damaged.
  14. Hello I did try to add them but as i dont have 10 posts i cant! My son took 3 for me earlier today and added them here : http://postimg.org/gallery/2504o6ezm/ I have had to replace the http with stars as the forum wont let me post links due to the ten post count ( sorry i know ive been naughty! )
  15. Would it be any use me bringing the above online post ( the one from another forum ) to the table..... Or just go straight to the sales of goods act and see what they say?
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